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Monoclonal Antibody Treatment for Covid

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Hi, does anyone know any more about the eligibility of the monoclonal antibody treatment IF a vulnerable person contracts covid? I received a hospital letter a few months ago confirming my eligibility for a 3rd primary vaccine (which I've now had) but I just wondered if I should then have had a letter about the new treatment available/PCR test should I contract covid? I take Benepali, Sulfasalazine and Hydroxychloroquine and had a steroid injection in December? Has anyone else on these drugs been told they can get access to the antibody infusion?

Thank you xx

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There have been posts about this very recently, if you scroll back you will find them or you can use the search box and filter for NRAS 😊

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Sallyb828 in reply to KittyJ

Thank you, I did try this but for some reason it didn't show up any on my searches- however maybe I was doing something wrong! It's entirely possible as my brain feels like cotton wool at the moment haha x

Yes you should meet the criteria. Unfortunately they state they have no more priority PCR kits. On 10th February the rules are changing where they will accept a positive LFT that has been registered online. Your GP or 111 if out of hours like the weekend, would need to refer you to your local CMDU unit. They then triage you and decide if you should receive either the antibodies or antivirals. Also on the 10th the new antiviral from Pfizer becomes available to immunosuppressed, which has an 88% chance of keeping you out of hospital compared to the Molnupiravir which is 30%. So it may be more will be offered that, as you have to be able to bake your own way to the CMDU unit for antibodies, without using public transport. This document tells you who is eligible

Thank you so much x

There’s lots of useful information on the NRAS website.

Gosh looking at the nras info mtx alone does not apply. I thought it did 😳

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GinnyE in reply to Lizbain1

I’m only on methotrexate 20 mg, but if I felt bad and worried I’d still go through system and ask.

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Lizbain1 in reply to GinnyE

Thank you I was sent a PCR kit in case so just assumed i would be given the meds lol

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nomoreheels in reply to Lizbain1

You may. I was also sent the priority PCR test kit & on MTX monotherapy (not with biologics), though I am on long term prednisolone. If you read the instruction leaflet in the box it will say if you have symptoms & if your PCR test shows that you have COVID-19 the NHS will contact you to arrange a telephone appointment with a medical professional, who will discuss what treatments are suitable for you.

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Boxerlady in reply to Lizbain1

I take that as a good sign that Methotrexate doesn't put us at particularly high risk 😉

MY rheumy told me to phone them if i have a positive PCR test as they have an email address for the treatment team who will contact me to discuss which treatment is suitable. Not sure if rheumy will contact them or me, but would think the latter.

I welcome what Maureen says regarding LFT tests being sufficient if positive and registered online, which should be a significantly faster method than having to wait for the result of a PCR test. Disappointed that molnupiravir has only a 30% chance of keeping you out of hospital. If I remember right 60% was previously claimed . Roll on Pfizer being widely available...........

Hi Wishbone, this is one of the articles which quotes the revised numbers.

Here is the article that discusses how government have quietly changed the rules around PCR, not quite sure why they’re not being more vocal about it.

Neither am i, if it makes IT easier and quicker accessing antivirals then that can only be a good thing which we should be made aware of.

THANKS FOR THE iNFORMATiVE links. ODD how nothing's said about the efficasy of sotrovimab infusions though would think it's better tham molnopiravir....hope so any way! :-)

still having issues typing a post as you can see.

Sotrovimab reduces hospitalisation by 79%. Did find an article quoting 85% but can’t place it at the moment. This is the governments data on it. The Pfizer one is 88%.

Thanks Maureen.

Thank you to all for the links and comments, it's much appreciated! I am assuming I may have been missed from the list so will have to contact my GP or 111 etc should I contract covid and hope I can be referred for treatment if eligible. As from what I have read I can't see anything about getting added to the list now so this looks like the only option?So many cancer and leukaemia patients haven't even been put on the list which must be terrifying xx

For those on just methotrexate or a single dmard, you can still sign up for the nationwide study to gave antivirals. It is o pop en to anyone over 50, or 18-49 with underlying conditions. They select 50% at random to take part and involves filling out a diary for 28 days

You register here

Yea. That’s what I did as not had a kit and fell sick on a Friday. Booked and Went and got a PCR test to confirm. Then rang 111 who eventually found I did qualify for antivirals on my Gp record but as it was the weekend and needs GP/consultant approval would have to wait till they opened on Monday to start the process. So I self-referred to the panoramic study. They randomised me and you get told if you are getting tablets. I was lucky! They arrived Tuesday which was just inside 5 days. Now on day 3 of them. Mol whatever’s ! Disappointed now saying only 30% success rate! However at present think I am in that 30% so all good.

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