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I am sick and tired of the appalling service from the injection delivery section of this business. Customer service does not exist. Since they took the contract for greater Manchester for Toczilimab it's been one issue after another. First it was notification of deliveries. We are the customer we also have lives. They believe they don't have to notify you about a delivery because we are supposed to be just sit there. I asked in the beginning for deliveries to be arranged by email very easy. It took 3 deliveries and a complaint before they did that. Then injections were to be delivered to a friend while I was abroad. I had no contact at all so I phoned them from abroad to be told arrogantly that my injections were to be delivered to my friends in 3 days without any notice. So she had to take time off work. But today was the limit, a relative being kind decided my fridge wasn't cold enough so changed the temp 2 degrees colder on my fridge. I was told by Bupa not to use the injections. I contacted my Rehumy nurse who arranged a new prescription. Bupa don't accept fax prescriptions but accepted it was an emergency so their pharmacist was contacted by the pharmacist from our authority who when was made aware of the circumstances agreed to deliver the injections by the end of this week. Now it's Friday at 4.30 I phoned Bupa to ask where my injections are. I was put on hold for 8 minutes when she came back she said, yes we have received the prescription we will contact you with a delivery date. I was furious that means I have missed 2 injections. She said there was nothing on record. It's all excuses and fob offs. Let's hope Lloyds sort them out. The service is atrocious and if anything put me off private medicine this would.


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  • Hiya Shazbat

    I'm so sorry you've had a poor experience with BUPA, how frustrating for you. I'm not too far away from you in the north west, and have had a really good experience with them delivering my abatacept. They deliver to a local supermarket pharmacy for me who put them in their fridge. they always phone ( early evening) a week or so before hand to give me my delivery day, I also get a text on the morning to say what time it will be delivered, then I go after work to collect.....I take a cold bag thing with me and stick them in there till I get home. There have been no problems with this system in the past year.

    hope you manage to get your deliveries sorted to suit you better.

  • I agree with everything you say - I also hope Lloyds are better and will consider dropping my injections off at my local chemist - Bupa wont do this ???????????

    My doctors are also less than useless and couldn't take in my injections saying they were to busy ??????????? I think the issue needs letters to someone more senior MPs ?? if Lloyds are equally useless. Fingers crossed. xx

  • My chemist won't accept them Lorna so I have to ensure someone can take them in. I can deal with that, but they just don't think they have to ask if their delivery dates suit you. I have now got them doing it by email so a bit easier but they are not consistent. They make numerous promises then just ignore you.

    They need to give the contract to someone else.

  • IK use to just go and collect the drugs from the hospital but they stopped that - don't know why because I just use to get them as I was passing - its almost if something works and is easy they change it. As you say lets hope the new people - Lloyds are better take care xx

    ps let me know how you get on with Lloyds I wont need any injections for a couple of months x

  • I have Lloyds since i went on pens and have had no trouble with them. I ring and they say when they are delivering to my appointed chemist, i could have them delivered to my home. I decided to go with the chemist option, then i dont have to worry about being at home. I take my dog out for a walk and collect them at the same time doing two jobs in the one outing.

    Hope you get it sorted .

    Sending hugs XXX


  • Thank you Chris I have heard good things about Lloyds. Will be pleased when the sale goes through because BUPA just don't seem to care.

    Take care


  • Hi I hope that you have your injections by now.just wanted to say that I have recently discovered the power of Twitter when it comes to complaining. My beef was with BT . when I tweeted about the appalling service I was contacted directly, initially via Twitter and then phone calls. Things got done and it felt like they really took notice. By the way I am not a regular tweeter . I had to Google how to do it !. Feels an effective way of complaining. Mary

  • I have no problem with Lloyds chemist but having to collect them from their branch in the hospital is a pain as its nearly a three hour round trip. After six months though if all goes well I will be able to collect 12 weeks worth at a time. But they have always been ready for me as my biologic nurse checks my blood test results from GP and emails me to collect them when I wish too over the next five days.

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