Stabbing Pain in Foot

It is 3.10 I am so tired but my body will not let me sleep.Right knee swollen and painful,both

hands sore ( that never goes away) ankles painful, left elbow swollen and painful to bend.

But the newbie  is a small area on the sole of my feet which jumps with pain my feet feel as if the tendons have shrunk, I keep having to flex my toes forward to stretch them.

Any ideas?

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  • I get very hot feet on the bottoms of my feet. Have your tried taking your pain meds just as you settle down,for some reason i did that last night and i did sleep,only time will tell if it works again tonight. Hugs.xxxxxxx

  • Thank you Syvie. I do I take them at bedtime.Going to ask my review painkillers  as the codeine phosphate are not effective.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  • Hi I get terrible problems with feet and as you say the burning always start as y get into bed , my last Rheumy appt was the first time she checked my feet as they usually dismiss them when checking them and admitted that I probably had RA in them

  • Yup why is that!! Is it the heat or weight from the bed clothes.

    Or do they wait till you get into bed and think now our turn for attention.!!

  • Have you been referred to a podiatrist? If not ask to be referred to one that knows about RA feet.  Mine has really helped me as my feet are my worst bit.   I have custom made insoles, and he also gave me exercises for my feet and calves that have really made a difference.  Apparently my tendons and ligaments had tightened which was pulling on toes and so on, and exacerbated the problems from inflammation in the joints. 

  • Yes a see  NHS Chiropodist normally every 6 weeks but fortnightly at the moment as I have bursitis on my soles and one has burst ( but not giving me pain).

    Will speak to her about exercise. I like the idea of the Pilates ball.

    And yes I have raised in steps. Yes Like you my feet and hands are the worst bit and both very misshapen.

  • Hi I understand about your  pain in your feet, as it is something that I have 24/7. I have RA with some erosion of the bones in my feet, & a feeling of walking on hot pebbles. I use a spiky small Pilates ball to roll my foot over, also the same as you do lots of foot exercises. I use gel insoles or gel pads inside shoes, plus rub essential oils into the soles of my feet, & use lavender sleep spray although still have many nights with only a few hours sleep. Hugs from Carol X 

  • Oh yes the hot pebbles sometimes my kitchen floor feels like walking on cinders.

    I have no feeling ( cotton wool /needles) from below my knee but the soles of my feet are ultra sensitive.

    Walking on cobbles uneven paving is quite frankly shell.

  • Hell

  • Yes just like hot coals! Awful! Rheumatologist says it's all part of the RA! My feet are ultra sensitive too! I find massaging my feet sometimes eases the pain. x

  • It could be Plantar Fasciitis - I have arthritis & I had a flare up of Plantar Fasciitis a few years ago. Is it worse first thing in the morning when you put your foot on the floor? If it is, then it could be. It is very painful & you need to concentrate on stretching out the tendons under your foot. I used to use a golf ball and a rolling pin to roll my foot over regularly throughout the day & in the end had a steroid injection into my plantar fascia which worked brilliantly. Definitely tell you rheumatologist ASAP 

  • Thank you will certainly ask him.

  • Sit back and think to identify what could have cause the foot problem. You may need additional medication, please discuss the foot pain with your GP.

    In January while in India I got pain in my left foot, I was walking a lot in temples wet and cold floor, nothing on the feet. Came back to UK, GP, sent me for x-ray, nothing was found. Pain killing medication did not help. It took nearly five weeks to clear the problem and to walk without any pain.

  • I wish I could think of anything I did different and this has been going on for a long time now.

  • Hi-I feel for you-I have that but what happen was my left foot got so bad that my Achellies Tendion Ruptured-Wow!!! That was the worst pain I ever had-it took me down and I was sick from the pain.Here in Canada they are trying not to operate so I had to wear a special kind of walking boot and go to physio-it is better but is still very tender and still aches after a year (my sole and foot) I hope this never happens to you-I guess it is what happens when you have Arthritis-also I ended up having a knee replacement in Jan this year and have to have the other knee done before summer.This disease has hit my body hard and fast it seems one thing leads to another having this.I had no choice but to give my job up and I have a ways to go before I retire-so yeah it's been very hard physically and emotionally -Thank Goodness for this site as no one understands this except for the Nice People on here-they have been my crutch!!! Thanks Everyone-Janice

  • Thank you Janice I pulled a tendon in the back of my knee a few years back and yes the pain knocks you for six.It still gives me pain from time to time.

    Breaks are so much easier pop a plaster on and away you go.

    Totally agree with you on two counts this site is invaluable and yes once you have RA it seems you get everything .like you mine progressed very quickly like an army invading.

    Best Wishes.

  • Thank You for replying and I hope there maybe something can help you with your problem.Take Care!!!

  • If I were you Mocapup I'd be tempted to have it checked over again, it may not have healed properly. I ruptured my Achilles in 2002 before I was diagnosed & once I'd had x rays to check I had no other damage or a break it was put in plaster up to the knee. A couple of weeks later it was replaced & the second one stayed on another month, I had crutches. Once the plaster was taken off I had physio & exercises to strengthen it & build up the calf muscle (that was a shock!) & I can feel it from time to time but it's never painful, a tad weak but not bad at all.

  • Thank You for your reply-I have told the doctors in the past visit how tender it still is-with the answer t takes time to heal-but when I go I am going to take your advice and ask to have another x-ray,Thanks

  • It can take time to heal & I suppose it can depend on how well recovery went & the type of exercises/physio afterwards but usually by 6 months it should be more or less back to normal, save for the odd acceptable twinge. A year sounds a tad excessive. I'd have a look online for recovery period of ruptured Achilles tendon & see what you think, then if you feel you're not at that stage have another go at them! Good luck.

  • I can sympathise with you , my pal ruptured his Achilles' tendon a year ago and he still gets problems with his leg

  • Ouch.

    How are you enjoying retirement?

  • I'd missed this somehow so late to reply, sorry. Do ask your Rheumy to check over your feet. It was my feet that caused me to see my GP & it was RD, consequently they've always been my worst affected joints & well cared for by my previous Consultants (they worked off the DAS 44, feet are included) until I returned to the UK. I asked my Rheumy for two years if she'd look at my feet as they were so sore but she always said as they're not included in the DAS 28 she couldn't. Anyway the Registrar I was down to see was overrunning so my Rheumy took the appointment & she asked me how I'd been since I last saw her I said ok except for my feet (which was the truth, I was ok otherwise). She invited me into the examination room & examined them, I think she must have got so fed up of me asking! She was very apologetic, the fatty pads under the balls of my feet had all gone & I had corns & very thick skin through walking on bone, lots of other issues with my metatarsals, hammer toes & with the inflammation & pain said I had disease activity, no s"#% Sherlock. She increased my MTX & referred me to Podietry which has helped no end. After about 9 months of building up my basic orthotics I recently received my custom made ones & after wearing them in they really help. I still need to go regularly for treatment but at least they're being treated eh? If I can help stop this happening to someone else, well you know. I really hope your Rheumy isn't a closed door like mine was & helps you, even if it's exercises if your tendons are affected. x

  • Hi yes First thing the second consultant I saw checked and yes it was counted in my DAS28.I have bursitis on my souls.

    But this feeling of my tendons feeling shorten and my need to flex my foot to relieve them is new. But the deformities on my toes is not they were the first thing to show signs of RA.

    Am definitely going to get the consultant to check them again.The top of my feet just below were the foot curves is also painful especially if I am on them to long.

    The first Consulant I saw did not even look at them and the 2nd expressed his displeasure at how I had been treated.

    But I was new to all this  then and accepted it as the '  norm' for RD.

    If only I had joined HUL. earlier.

    But if as you say we can pool and share our experiences it may help others starting on this road 

  • It could be erythromelalgia, google it. Does the pain worsen at night? Also make sure your B12 level is good, get it tested if it hasn't been. You should be in the upper half of the range or you are deficient. Doctors in the UK and US have it all wrong, as it is known that neurological symptoms can occur below 450 pg/mL (or ng/L). In Japan the low cutoff for treatment is 500.

  • Wow that is really interesting I have a B12 deficiency and have 3 monthly injections.

    Yes much worse at night when I am in bed.

    Will Google.

    Thank you.

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