Foot surgery? No thanks!

I had my Consultant review today and, unbelievably, actually saw the Consultant! I was delighted to see him, if I'm honest, because he's a lovely, gently spoken man who appears to actually (or effectively manages to convey) care about how much discomfort I'm in. I've had a few very keen & eager Registrars & SHO's having a whirl at me as a longer term patient, but I've found them quite patronising & condescending. My horror was barely concealed when he suggested surgery on my feet (removal of some bone from toes to stop the clawing & alleviate pressure on the soles of my foot). Has anyone else had this procedure done? I'm not considering it, as an invasive procedure would be a final, desperation measure for me. I told him I'd rather put up with the pain.

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  • Hi Andrea, yes, I had this done in 2008. It made a world of difference to me and I am so glad that I did it.

    I did have a long recovery, my Dr said that one in three has long term swelling. Guess what? I was the one! I had swelling for about 3 1/2 years, but it's good now. Also one thing that happens with this surgery is that my right foot shrank a bit so when I wear sandals the toes look shorter. Still glad that I did it, because I have no pain except for my big toe that they fused at the same time.

    I used a callous cushion on the callous on the ball of my foot for almost 2 years before it became too painful & I decided to have the surgery.

    Good luck to you,


  • I had this done in both feet in 2007 I had pins in all my toes and the big toes broken and fused. There was hardly any pain just inconvenience as I was in a wheel chair but I coped with a lot of help from friends and my wonderful partner. I was given a choice set the foot to wear heels or flats this did make me laugh as I wondered if anyone with RDBMS would choose heels. i do get some hard bits as I work differently so they made insole supports at the hosptial which are amazing. I must admitt when going to something special I do look at others in heals and wish I could wear them but that's life hey.

  • Hi Andrea, I had a Fowlers procedure (removal of some joints) on my left foot in 1998 , which was brilliant and in 2012 I had similar done on my right foot and all my toes straightened and big toes fused. It's the best thing I have had done. As Sunflower 62 says it was inconvenient for a while but my feet were ok in six months. No I can't wear heels but that is an easy price to pay to have flat straight toes !!!

  • Foot Surgery! That's going to open a can of worms!

    I had a triple ankle fusion and three toes straightened last September. It all healed well apart from the fact that my ankle had healed at a slight angle putting undue pressure on my 5th metatarsal head. Early April this year I went in to have that bone ground down. A simple op! However, it resulted in nerve damage when the surgeon hit the nerve with the grinder! The foot is healing very slowly but I'm still in a lot of pain with it. I've also had nerve damage from the toes being straightened although I don't get the pain from walking on bent toes!

    I suppose it's a trade off, get rid of one form of pain and get another!!

  • hi all, i've been reading this thread essentially because, for a week now, my right first metatarsal joint (the one before the big toe joint) has become suddenly painful. can i ask: why did you all have these operations on your feet?

  • hi all, I had both feet done with "fowlers", that is removing the toe joints, as I had bad callouses on both feet, so it was a relief, but as this was in the 80's I now am having terrible pain from walking on curling toes, and have another bad double callous, which nothing seems to stop the pain from. When I had my feet done, they did one foot, and gave me a special shoe, so no toes touched the ground,(very comfortable, but not pretty) and the following year I had the second foot, again with special shoe, did not have a long recovery, but then I am like this disease, STUBBORN. love to all xx bluetit33

  • Hi Tinwoman2,

    Sorry for asking a question.

    Did you ever try urine therapy for your arthritic problems? I had many conditions (arthritis in wrist, stomach and colon problems), and UT (auto-urine therapy) has helped me a lot. I ordered some good books (from the US, Like Martha Christy's Your own perfect medicine and Coen van der Crone's Golden fountain) and done it here, in Hungary. This therapy sounds disgusting, but it makes miracles (at least for me) Regards Gabor

  • No, gaborg1, I haven't. I don't think that I ever could drink urine. Glad it worked for you though.

  • What's putting me off is recovery time & being laid up, as it were. Also, my Consultant advised me that there's no guarantee that it will make my feet feel better but, "it won't make things worse", just that it will relieve the pressure on the rest of the foot. My calluses are beginning to feel like Ben Nevis now!

  • I did it because my 4 toes were dislocated & were pressing down-creating a monster callous that really hurt.

  • I am also not ready for surgery at all patient for my pain but when actually it is unbearable i went for surgery but that time i don't know about surgeon but someone suggest me doctor Sanjay Parashar who is excellent in orthopedic surgery and Foot and Hand Clinic Dubai giving best facility.

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