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Covid booster/3 vaccine

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Hi everyone hope your all well.

I’m feeling really confused about these next covid boosters/3rd dose.

I was invited for my booster which I had 3 wks back then yesterday I received a letter from my consultant to say I need to have to 3rd vaccine, will it matter that I’ve just had the booster? Has anyone else had the same? I’m going to have try and ring my nurse later maybe to confirm.

Thanks Jen

13 Replies
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It seems that your consultant has finally got around to writing to inform you that you are entitled to both a 3rd dose and a booster 6 months later because you are vulnerable. As you have already had a third jab three weeks ago you can have a booster as well in 6 months less 3 weeks.

I suggest you make sure your GP has a copy of the consultant’s letter and amends your vaccination record to show that the jab you had three weeks ago shows as your third primary dose, not a booster. Then hopefully you will get called up for the booster at the right time.

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Lolabridge

Ta dah! x

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I haven't yet been told if I'm eligible for the 3rd primary vaccine but I had the booster last weekend. I told the lady that I might be eligible so she said that if my consultant decides that is the case, my recent jab will be re-named as the 3rd primary and I'll be called for a booster in 6 months time. This is also what my GP said.

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MadBunny in reply to Boxerlady

I haven't been told if I'm eligible for a 3rd primary vaccine either. Got my booster tomorrow. I've read so many different things about what's what I decided not to wait and just go for it.

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goldenoriole in reply to MadBunny

I'm in a similar situation, it seems, and when my 'Booster' was offered, the advice I was given (I'm not saying this would apply to anyone else ...) was 'Take what's offered' ... so I did. And I'm still waiting to hear what should happen next ...

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If you have had the three then at this time you don't need another as far as i can see, unless the drs want you to have a

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Neonkittie17 in reply to sylvi

One may be very likely to need a fourth if you were known to be immunocompromised/had extremely low/no antibodies at the time of your first two vaccines. I said to my consultant ... how can you boost zero? ... so surely you’d need a fourth if you can pause your RA med which has caused the vaccine inefficacy. I want a chance at both again once my B cells have repopulated and my immunity stronger and Rtx no longer in my system to have the negative effect/zero antibodies it has had for me. My rheumy agrees but it’s getting the system to acknowledge that. I’ll have to work with her on that once I’ve had my third primary dose which could be a long time from now (next year) and the protocol could well have altered by then. Hopefully extremely vulnerable patients will get monoclonal antibodies injections in the not too distant future .. we can but hope. I wish the third vaccine and booster had been communicated better as it’s confused so many. 😑. Hope you’re feeling steady today. xx

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sylvi in reply to Neonkittie17

We both have has our third vaccine booster.

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Neonkittie17 in reply to sylvi

Can’t have mine until my B cells have returned. Probably early 2022 which is why I have to continue to shield.

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It doesn't matter but don't go for another one. You just need to let whoever sent the invitation for a 3rd vaccine to put it on your records that you have had it. I presume you had Pfizer for your 3rd so it will be the same whether it is a 3rd primary or a booster. The important thing is that you are sent for again in 6 months for a booster. I hope this is clear to you.

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Hi. You need to ask your GP surgery to change your booster to a primary on your notes. Then you will be invited for a booster in 6 months. I got my letter from my consultant the day after I had my booster. Also, if you had the Pfizer one it is the same dose as a primary. Hope this helps x

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I have just had my booster then gets a call to say l have to go for3rd vaccine in 6wks am confused also ..spoke to nurse and she said it came from the consultant x

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Hi Ratty10I too went for what I thought was a booster. However the nurse advised me that it's not called a booster in my case.

Instead it's called the third vaccination and that I will receive an appointment for my 4th just before Christmas.

I'm sure this only applies to people who have underlying health condition. I have lupus which is treated with hydx and anti inflammatory medication.

My husband had a booster or 3rd dose but will not get recalled for a 4th as he's not got any underlying health issues.

Hope this helps. 🙂

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