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Third vaccine

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Good morning I have RA and am immunosupressed due to Enbrel injections. I have had the first two vaccines which were Astra Zeneca.. i have been told that I must have a 3rd vaccine and not a booster. This has been booked for November 2nd at a vaccine center and not at my GP surgery as they are only doing boosters. My question is: should my 3rd vaccine( not a booster) be the same AZ as my first two or can it be a Pfizer jab. Nobody seems to be able to tell me

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I think that it should be Pfizer - in fact, all 3rd jabs might be? 🤔My GP told me to book and have it (having it on the 6th November) and not to worry if they call it a booster as I can then arrange to have another when it's due. The "3rd primary" and "booster" are the same stuff.

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Mabon12 in reply to Boxerlady

Thank you, I thought that might be the case. I can’t understand why my GP surgery who are only doing boosters, can’t give me the third primary vaccine which will also be Pfizer probably!

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AgedCrone in reply to Mabon12

A booster dose of a vaccine is usually a smaller dose of the prime dose,& it works by boosting the memory of the immune system to reactivate the effect of the prime jab quickly….your GP has probably only been sent the booster dose.I should imagine It makes things simpler with a huge vaccination programme like Covid19 to only give one or the other to GP practices.

I’m not sure. The NRAS session with the Octave study people said it was same amount (from memory) of drug for booster or 3 jab.

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Sheila_G in reply to AgedCrone

I have to disagree with you on the boosters. We were told right at the start that the booster is the same amoung of vaccine as the others. The only difference is that it has to be registered as a 3rd vaccine to get a booster in the new year.

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AgedCrone in reply to Sheila_G

I bow to your superior information…in my area we have had no info & there isn’t likely to be any apparently….so all BJ’s entreaties are falling on deaf ears….

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Sheila_G in reply to AgedCrone

I think the whole thing is a complete shambles and yet again we are left to make our own decisions about something we don't have any medical expertise in. Very worrying.

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There really does appear to be nowhere to get individual advice …if you have had bad reactions to the first two jabs does there?I am toing & froing between various doctors ….& still not getting very far… I’m still on the fence.

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Sheila_G in reply to AgedCrone

That is my worry too. I had (what I think) was a bad reaction to both vaccines (AZ) and quite nervous about the next one even though it will probably be pfizer. I still don't know if I need the 3rd vaccine. I am presuming that as I haven't heard to the contrary, that my jab on thursday will be registered as a booster. I am having my rheumy blood tests first so will try to find out when I am there but not holding my breath. I will let you know what they say.

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AgedCrone in reply to Sheila_G

I’m having my pre Rtx infusion blood tests this week….if it’s decided I need the infusion next month…the third Covid can’t happen until March…so problem not solved…but at best on hold.

One loses the will at this point!

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Sheila_G in reply to AgedCrone

Absolutely. My situation is nothing like yours as I am only on mxt. It must be a big problem on rituximab. I just hope you are able to get the protection from covid that you need and at the same time have your RA drugs. All the best.

The 3rd dose where possible should be an mRNA vaccine, so Pfizer or moderna. I had 2 AZ followed by the Pfizer early October. It’s found to maintain its efficacy longer than AZ

Thank you, that’s very helpful to know!

When we booked for our boosters due in 4th November it said on the website that regardless of what you had had already this vaccination would be either Pfizer or Moderna - but then we are having boosters not third vaccines 🤔It’s all getting a bit odd now.

So boosters are also using MRNA vaccines. The only difference between 3rd dose and booster is with the Moderna, which very few will be offered as they only purchased enough for 8.5m and they’ve mainly been used up on the under 30s. However moderna is full dose for 3rd dose, and 1/2 dose for the booster. Pfizer is the same whichever jab your having

Even though it mentioned the either or I suspect (hope) well get another Pfizer vaccination.

Apparently tests have shown it is quite safe to have a different vaccine either as the third primary or as the booster.If you look on the NHS England website it explains.

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Mabon12 in reply to AgedCrone

Thank you, I now have answers!

Hi, My first two were astrazeneca and my third was Pfizer.

As far as I am aware all 3rd jabs or boosters are pfizer or moderna. I can only assume and it is an assumption that AZ vaccines are being sent to 3rd world countries because they can be stored better. I hope that is the case anyway.

Where I live all the third doses are Pfizer, there’s no choice. All vaccines are done at the vaccine centre. I had AZ for the first two.

I have had a 3rd primary dose. The booster and 3rd primary are both Pfizer but the 3rd primary is the same dose as the original vaccines whereas the booster is a smaller dose. We need it because we are immunosuppressed because of our medication. I was told I will be called again in 6 months for a booster.

They can be mixed research shows a better immune response from two AZ then a Pfizer vaccine

Also booster and third primary are same dosage but for your medical records must be stated as primary as you’ll then receive booster in 6 months

I had AZ for first two and Pfizer for the third. I queried this with the vaccinator . She said they know more now and it doesn’t matter . They went off and checked with the “boss” when I said I was there for the 3rd vaccine and recorded it as such on my card so hopefully I should get the booster in 6 months too .

I had my first two Astra Zeneca at my GP surgery but they are not doing any now. I got a letter to go to a large health centre 30 mins away. The queues were very long and slow. They had four nurses stations but a doctor came and saw you first which defo held up the vaccination. She vetted everyone and told me I’d be getting the same vaccine again but I would be asked to get my booster in 6 months which could be a different one. They also did the flu vaccination as well. My appointment was 9.50 but didn’t get out till 10.45 and the queue by then was miles long. It took me less than a minute at my surgery, in and out, no questions asked. Don’t get me wrong I was glad to have got it but it seemed excessive. I guess every region of the country is different. We are still wearing masks and social distancing so the queue was extra long.

My first 2 were AstraZeneca & I had my 3rd primary on Friday which was Pfizer. My GP’s surgery arranged the first 2 at a center nearby but it was my Rheumatologist team who are in a different Trust area who sent the letter for my 3rd vaccination so I went to a very well organised centre 25 miles away. My understanding is that the 3rd primary will be either Pfizer or Moderna. It’s been so confusing as different trysts seem to be having their own rules & regs on things not helped by the booster vaccinations being rolled out simultaneously. Good luck x

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Mabon12 in reply to Otto11

Thank you for that Otto

I had my third vaccine about 2 weeks ago, and told I will get a booster shot in 6 months. Like you the first 2 we’re Astra Zeneca. This time round I got Pfizer. I was told that due to the amount of blood clots and scare mongering with AZ they would not be using it this time. They had found better results using a combination (despite the original advice from WHO saying don’t mix). I also got my flu shot at the same time. I was advised by my Rheumatologist to not take my JAK inhibitor the day before, day of and day after the vaccine. I must admit I never felt the Covid vaccine and it was the flu jag arm that was painful for a few days. They were checking that was a full 6 months since your last vaccine.

I had my third jab a couple of weeks ago and they were only doing Pfizer for third vaccines and boosters. I had AZ originally.

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Mabon12 in reply to helenlw7

Thank you

I have just had my 3rd primary vaccine. I had AZ for the first two and Pfizer for this last one. Then have to have booster in 6 months time. No side effects, all good. Hope that helps Mabon.

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Mabon12 in reply to Goldsky

Very helpful thanks!

I received a four page letter which confused me a bit. Called the help line number given and received this advice.In my situation I can now go and get a third (primary) injection although it hasn’t been quite six months since my last one. I’ve arranged to go and have this done at a walk in unit ten miles away. She advised me to leave a gap of two days between my mtxt injection and the third primary injection. My third injection must be the Pfizer option although my previous two were Astra Zeneca. As for the (Booster) jab I was told she was unsure when this would take place but thought it would be sometime in the New Year although they might be able to give me more information when I have my next primary injection this Wednesday. That’s all folks.

Just had my third vaccine. Had two AZ and have now had Pfizer. Having booster next April 2022

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Mabon12 in reply to Skiing1

Thank you!

its the same as the booster but called third primary dise as you need a fourth in 6 months time and I thought Pfizer was for third

I had 2 first doses of AZ and had Pfizer for my 3rd. I read they aren't using the AZ anymore unless you can't take Pfizer because of severe allergies.

My understanding is that it should be Pfizer or moderna but not AZ- I’m going to refuse if offered AZ again

The synergy of mixing-and-matching has already been demonstrated. If given a choice I would seek to have the Pfizer vaccine to follow up my two AZ injections.

I've had 3 Phizer and flu on top. It is pot luck with reactions it seems as first one was awful, second nothing and the third sort of midway. But my arm is still sore from the flu jab. I feel like I've climbed a mountain and so cold.

I have had the booster vaccine, but the only problem with it is it is Pfizer, and have had a lot of itching with this one. The first 2 were fine. I had mine about 3 weeks ago.

I've just had my "booster" and it was pfizer my first 2 were AZ they also gave me my flu so one in each arm!! I've felt quite rough this week, people have said they shouldn't have done both on the same day but who are we to argue. I just hope we can all stay safe.

I have been told that all the boosters are Pfizer regardless of what you had the first two vaccinations and I assumed the same strength. I have Pfizer the first two times and had to go to a different surgery due to the storage. But now my surgery are saying that the boosters (Pfizer) have moved on regarding cold storage, and are collected on the day of appointment and applied accordingly, The booster is done six months (180 days) after your second jab. I have got mine next Saturday.

Both my 1st and 2nd vaccinations were AZ, I had my 3rd vaccine a week ago, this was the Pfizer, I questioned it, and was told that mixing them is actually good for your body as it kick starts immunity, I was injected by a doctor not a nurse at the clinic, I was really nervous of the Pfizer but so lucky as I had no other symptoms other than a sore arm for 2 days, whereas the AZ made me quite poorly on both 1 and 2. I was also told I would be called for a booster in 6 months

hi, I only inject methotrexate but my first two vaccines were AZ and my booster I had 3 weeks ago was Pfizer, I didn't get an option. The boosters are Pfizer or Moderna as i understand it from my nurse😉

Hi, I'm in the same position as yourself. I've just managed to get in touch with the GP surgery who have informed me after 2 Astra Zenecas that the next vaccine booked on the 12/11 will be a Pfizer. Hope that helps. 😊

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Mabon12 in reply to Kayteebell

Yes it does , thank you. I now have s third vaccine booked got 2/11 and i’m assuming it will be a Pfizer.

I had my third on Friday, its pfizer they are using

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