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why don’t things go smoothly?

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Well dressings off this morning after op been blind since yesterday.

It nearly didn’t go a head as my PCR tests hadn’t being sent to the NHS. They had taken me off the lists. I had the results on my phone and hubby’s mate is theatre manager so he got me back on the list. Also first one down 😉.

Went through the form filling I kept mentioning my drugs as no one was really interested and I wanted them noted on surgery forms.

My God the surgeon was abrupt and rude ( since found out they call her Miss military knickers. Very fitting name but a brilliant surgeon apparently)she barely acknowledged me. Surgery was much longer than they thought would be instead of 30 mins it was 1hour 45mins . Apparently I’m a bleeder😂.I was given a care pack with dressings and drops and lotions as well as antibiotics. Bare in mind I couldn’t see I asked the nurse if this was compatible with my medications and did I need to stop my Baricitinib and MTX . Asked what these drugs were for as never heard of them and couldn’t spell them . Never heard of Jak inhibitors and didn’t know what immunosuppressant meant and certainly couldn’t say it . I asked her to contact the pharmacy who let rip that drugs had been given to a patient without checking interactions. Miss military knickers was contacted and had to leave surgery to come to ward … boy she was not happy. New prescription issued and double crossed with pharmacy. She said to nurse quick thinking you saved us there. I did the old hmmhmm cough and nurse oh it wasn’t me it was the patient. I got no acknowledgment.

It’s quite humiliating when you leave they have a check list before you go . 2 sheets 2 pillows and surgery gown all ticked off before you leave. No lifting and sleeping up right Lots of ice packs and lotions and potions for 2 weeks then stitches out by Miss military knickers . Off work for 2 weeks .. they won’t be happy.

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Oh my lovely I feel for you. Well you are now at home so rest up and relax. No more thinking of Mrs military knickers 😂 what a name, I love it.I am off work with a chesty cough and bunged up. Tested negative but I can't shake off the cold like I used too and feel like my rib cages are going to burst open lol 😆.

I hope you make a quick recovery. Thinking of you hun x

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Poor you . Obviously Covid had made you more susceptible to illness. You need to take more care now .. hard with the super spreaders. My sons secondary school are all wearing masks as there’s has been a 75% increase in Covid 🤨 look after yourself.x

Oh boy - what a day you had! I was just thinking of you and wondering how you got on. Are you in much discomfort? What did they do in the end? What drops, etc have you been given?

Plus, the ongoing saga of no-one having a clue what you're talking about re drugs etc. Here we go again, eh? I always worry for people who may be a little confused about what their medication is, or are not comfortable about speaking out, or don't even know that they should! I've seen it happen so many times. Don't like the sound of your eye surgeon! At least my local guy is really nice, approachable, and actually on the ball about the drugs, etc. No, you can't have him - he's mine!!😁😁

Hope you have a restful day xx

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Hi K . I’m ok pain wise I always am . I’m on 2 different antibiotic drops as well as lubricants. I had the plugs put in but the muscles in my upper lids are so weak they had dropped so much they would have just pushed them out or out of line so they had to cut above the eyebrows and lift the muscle and ligaments and shorten them . The skin had stretched-so much it hung over my lashes so the cut that away as well. My peripheral vision is much improved even with swelling. Stitching looks neat but bruises are horrendous. Oh well if my dry eyes are improved it will make a difference. Apparently I was barely blinking with the muscle drop and I can feel myself blink now . Not a nice person miss military knickers but can do good surgery and she should know . No doubt had a bit of work herself 😂.

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Kags1068 in reply to J1707

Wow - that sounds impressive. Will you be looking about 15 years younger after all this too?! Almost Sounds like cosmetic type surgery!😉😁

Seriously, it's great you can see an improvement in vision already. That's really weird that you weren't properly blinking, and couldn't tell. Hope this works and there's no need for the more drastic op.🤞

Hope that bruising soon settles. Always looks really bad when it's around the eyes. You'd think she could have at least given you dissolvable stitches! Still, that probably wouldn't have been unpleasant enough for her .......... xx

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J1707 in reply to Kags1068

I’m going to look 10 years younger according to my sister. Yeah almost cosmetic surgery which surprised me .. think she got carried away with it .. that kind of perfectionist certainly like her actions and movement and her clothes nothing like the slovenly consultants with dinner on three ties I usually get.😂as long as live more comfortable that’s the result I want makeup can do the rest .xx

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Kags1068 in reply to J1707

Yes, at least it's good to have a surgeon who looks like they can get dressed by themselves!! Does inspire a bit of confidence.

Definitely sounds like it should be more comfortable. Any anti-ageing effects would just be a little bonus (not that you need it of course)!! 😆😁xx

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J1707 in reply to Kags1068

Flatterer 😂should have turned the bed round. Could do with a bum lift and reduction 😂x

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Kags1068 in reply to J1707

Haha! Yes, but where would she have put the plugs then?!😳xx

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J1707 in reply to Kags1068

I didn’t read that 😂

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Kags1068 in reply to J1707


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Green230461 in reply to J1707

Wow you will look like a film star eyes sorted face lift glam glam glam and an important medical procedure too. Well done you!

Always got to be difficult dont you 1hour 45 ? 😁

You sure they didn't do anything else to you whilst you were under, aren't missing a kidney or anything 🤔 😁

Well great thats over and done with, just being knocked out can take a big toll on your body. Take things easy, hope you get spoilt you deserve to be.

P.s did they think you were going to pinch the gown or something ? You obviously look shifty 😅

I know I’m cursed . I was awake all the way through it . The local was wearing off . I said at one point oh that hurts. She snapped well if you don’t tell me I can’t help . I said I just did . She replied don’t talk can’t understand you just say stop . 🤬 my arm went numb so just opened and closed hand .she said why are you doing that .I said I’ve gone numb it will start to shake. Well I haven’t put numbing cream on you arm . I replied no but I have RD and been in one position for a very long time . No reply. Lovely anaesthetist rubbed and massaged my arm she said it’s very cold and should’ve said something sooner.

I’m mean counting the stuff . I couldn’t see to nick anything.. Jeez what perverted person wants a surgical gown 😂😂

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sylvi in reply to J1707

Did you have a ctararact operation? xxx

Awake 🥴Oh blimey

Ha ha I bet you'll be surprised who would want a gown 🤪

Haha! Either shifty or a pervert - or even a shifty pervert!😁 Not sure which is worse (or best)?!🤔

I misread your post at first, and thought you'd written shitty not shifty!😅 If that was the case, who'd have ever wanted that gown back??!!🤢😳

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J1707 in reply to Kags1068

Your in a naughy mood today K😂😂😂cheered me up. Xx

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Kags1068 in reply to J1707

Haha - glad to hear it xxx

That really made me laugh

You shitty pervert you

Well, if the shitty cap fits ..........😁

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J1707 in reply to Kags1068

It doesn’t fit my head K it must be yours 😂x

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Kags1068 in reply to J1707

It aways is ........ 🙄xx

Hi, sorry to hear about your problems. I’ve not been on here until yesterday and still trying to figure out what happens tomorrow when my app gets switched off. What was your operation for, if you don’t mind me asking? Was it to do with Sjögren’s? Nic xx

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J1707 in reply to Blackwitch

I do have Sicca and very dry eyes so had plugs as tears not going the right direction when I make them . The biggest problem was the lid muscle was no longer doing its job and had fallen over my lashes it was restricting my vision and I wasn’t blinking effectively so no lubrication that’s what took so long , a lot of work to be done . No guarantee that it will work or last . If it doesn’t then they will pull all the brow muscles up from the scalp want to avoid that at all cost. X

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Blackwitch in reply to J1707

I had a similar, (but not nearly so bad) problem as I have Sjögren’s. I had punctal plugs inserted, just in the corners of my lower lids, at the Eye Clinic but they were so irritating that I had to go and have them removed a week later. They were to stop natural tears draining away. I don’t know how I kept them in for a week. They felt like boulders in my eyes. I’m just back to the usual eye drops again now. I hope your recovery goes well. xx

Sending healing wishes 💗

Sending you my love and warmest of healing wishes, I shall remember that name Miss Military Knickers as she sounds pants regarding her bedside manner, but as in big girl pants gets the job done and is efficient. Take care xx PS Have been waiting 4 hours for my GP to ring, I'm dying for a wee, my lunch and a drink but bet you the minute I do any one of these she will ring!


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J1707 in reply to Pippy25

😂😂😂Sod’s law.. thanks . Name will be ingrained in my memory for ever 😂🥴x

What a day, but hopefully you get positive results from the procedures. Rest up. Your life in their hands regarding medications eh ?

Miss Military Knickers sounds kinda full of herself, nothing new there with dome Drs 😇

OMG! 😱What a nightmare - good job you're in the ball! I hope things improve for you very soon 🤞Work will just have to wait for you - you need to fully recover before you go anywhere near or by.

Sounds like you've had a pretty grim experience, I hope everything heals well and Military knickers has done a good job - I've got to admit the funny comments this morning have really made me laugh I'm sorry they're about you but hopefully they made you smile too. Get well soon and take care.

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J1707 in reply to Gladders

I always find something to laugh at .

Oh gosh. What an awful time you have had and not helped by a very rude surgeon. I am not surprised they hadn't heard of the drugs, I have had experience of that mysslf but not to know what immunosuppresant meant? No wonder the nhs is on its knees. Too many managers and not enough properly trained staff. Bring back Matrons I say. Hospitals were run propwrly then.

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J1707 in reply to Sheila_G

Oh MATRON!! Definitely need those if only to keep consultants in check 😁

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Sheila_G in reply to J1707

Absolutely. CARRY ON DOCTOR!! when I say so.

Operation sounded horrendous.Never had an op and wouldn’t want but if it gets you sorted worth it then poor you.Had to write something as been trying to eat breakfast and cornflakes have spurted different directions as I have laughed through all your replies.You sound a right character full of fun. Kept reading it to my husband who was laughing too.Hope your bruises soon fade and you are soon looking glamorous

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J1707 in reply to Fra22-57

Laughter is better than medication.. it’s a family thing . Even in death boy have I got some stories 😁 glad it made you splutter your corn flakes 😂

Oh gosh - sounds like a nightmare. So glad you managed to get back on the list and hope the plugs help your eyes. Very scary that they don't listen about your meds. Just given my OH strict instructions to check for me if I ever need emergency treatment!

Behave yourself and don’t upset Ms MK when you go back and yes it does take a lot of reiterating that these are my drugs and I have to say most never know what they are. X

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J1707 in reply to Deeb1764

Me behave? I’m an angel 😇 x

🤣 Sounds like you had an eventful day! Must say it did remind me of Carry On Doctor a bit what with Miss Military Knickers and the nice anaesthetist stroking your arm. All you needed was the clumsy Mrs Overall coming in with the tea trolley and spilling the tea on the floor, followed by the surgeon slipping on it and stabbing herself in the bum with the scalpel. 😂 You've set me off now. You will have a right laugh when you can see properly and read your own post!😀 Seriously I hope the result is excellent. X

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J1707 in reply to Biofreak

In that scene I’d be the one with bandages over eyes trying to stab her in the bum … OH!! New game never mind pin the donkeys tail on . Stab the consultants bum 😂😂x

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Biofreak in reply to J1707


Crumbs, what a rotten experience. The only saving grace is that the surgeon was apparently brilliant at what she does. I hope you will be able to get the memory out of your mind soon and be able to laugh about it! It won't be easy...you really need someone to draw a cartoon of 'Miss Military Knickers' addressing you the patient with the Pharmacy team in the background and smoke rising! Glad it is all over and done with now. Take care. x

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J1707 in reply to Knip

😁love that mental picture. I can’t draw for nuts. My reception class are better than me. I’m still do stick figures with big heads and giant stick fingers 😂

I had a Dictator consultant in A&E once and it's a horrible experience. I am very glad for you that the operation went well and that you're at home recovering, even if you're not wrapped in hospital sheets! As for the knowledge of RA drugs, it's very unfortunate but we have to educate them. NRAS is doing its best but it is mainly up to us.Rest and recovery well and quickly.😎

You are so brave! Hope it all heals well for you soon. Take care my lovely 😊

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