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Many Thanks for advice

Thank you all so much for your help and comments re my steroid injection and dodgy knees.Can I ask has anyone got recent experience of dealing with DWP . I am claiming £71 week benefit, I have paid full stamp for 35 years. I attended a health interview which lasted 20 mins during which the nurse looked at my face once ,she asked questions re my condition and kept typing.She made the comment that her colleague had RA really bad, I said it must be difficult for her to work, she commented oh this is not a physical job.I knew then I had no chance, I did mention that the disease did not just make physical tasks difficult, I mentioned the fatigue she said oh yes I have heard it can be bad. Surprise they have declared I should attend an interview for work related activity. I am so cross my Ra is very active at the moment and I am not well at all. Rheumy had upped my MTX to 20 mg have taken my 5th dose and feel rubbish.Was not too bad on 15 mg. I am going to appeal what a farce. I do hope I can work again but at the moment it is impossible the Ra is rampant gets worse every day.That's my rant for today

Lorraine xx

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Hi lorraine,i'm sorry to hear you have had a bad time with this,i haven't attended one of these but my work ( nhs ) deptmartment should i say have now put me through for redeployment and i can't do my job,what i'm worried about is if they don't find me a job within 10 wks then they will retire me on ill health,i'm worried as i don't think i would be able to get ant benefits as my partner gets a wage,i do get high rate mobility and lower rate care but that would cover all the bills that need paying,i'm looking to start my own business by setting up a shop on ebay to see if i can make a living out of that.

Sorry i couldn't help you just letting you know that i know its hard dealing with ra and not being able to work,i'm on 15mg mtx started eith 7.5 then 15 then 20 but my alt levels went up so had to come off them but had the all clear today to resart again at 15mg,its a nightmare.

Take care xx



Can understand you being worried but your idea sounds good, let us all know if you go ahead and we can support you. I read the other day a saying (if life deals you lemons make lemonade) I think you have adopted that attitude so good for you.

lots of luck

Lorraine xx


Hi Lorraine sorry to here your having to jump over all the hurdles that are thrown at us. Its a joke!!!!!!!!! I tried for DLA took three months but yes a NO. I was even told by the rheumy nurse that i wouldn't get it coz i don't need help in the bathroom. Think if you go to you can see what you can get.xx


hi lorraine ask your consaltant to write u a letter to send to DWP, explaining your currant medical condition, it helped me a great deal.

i know exactally how u feeling i had a terrible time wiv them and the health interview, hope it helps Ali xx


Might be worth checking in with the disability advisor of your local CAB and see what they suggest you do, and whether you were treated fairly by DWP. They really know their stuff and can be excellent help.


Hi there, definately have a look at the website 'Benefits and work'

If you just google it as i havn't got a link.

Its brilliant, nothing to do with government.

It has lots of interesting info on appealing and has guides you can follow. I used them for going over to ESA from my incapacity benefit and i will have to use it again, when we have to apply to remain on DLA, now known as PIP.

Good luck


Hi Lorraine, what a coincidence, I received exactly the same comments re a colleague having ra and working etc etc I got the impression of yeah yeah, its not that bad, you can work you look ok. I posted under questions last week, advice needed please, have a look, I got some good advice posted back should you need later on. Since that posting I have got an appt with CAB on Monday 18th and then my appeal will be sent. Good luck to you and everyone else having to fight this x


Hi Lorrayne,

I was interested to read your original question re getting into support group. As i have said on Flaxton's question, just have a look on the website 'Benefits and Work'

I am sure you will get a lot out of it, its got loads of info about what you have been through with ATOS/DWP. There are a couple of people on here i think using this site, but i am anxious to spread the word.

I can't praise them enough, i was able to access the guides they publish which highlites all the trick questions. I did pay the annual membership fee of £16 to get them, but worth every penny.

I had signed up to them for free for two years and they send regular monthly updates, but i promised myself i would pay the fee when the dreaded ESA letter dropped onto the carpet, it did of course!

I was succesful in retaining my ESA was INC BEN and put into support group, without a medical assessment!

Have a look anyway, lots of very interesting and free info on ESA and DLA/PIP, it just shows what a set of Roagues are running the shop!

PS I get so angry when i read on here just what we have to go through!

Take care and hope you get what is rightfully yours. x

PPS sorry Flaxton about hijacking your blog, but its all relative to your question x


No problem at all very helpful


hi ,

i was put in the support group last december after having to fight and appeal since last april, ive just had another form (mini book) to fill in and send back to see if im still intitled to my ESA benefit, anyone else had to re-aply.

i get so confused with it all, am going to look on that site " benefits and work" x


If you want to start your own business I believe there's lots of help available for those unable to hold down a job through illness to set up a business.

There is a programme called 'Saints & Scroungers' think it's BBC. Anyways a guy with his own plant nursery could no longer operate his business so his DWP Work Advisor arranged grants to tarmac the paths so he could use a motorised wheelchair and a host of other things to help so he didn't have to give up his business. Don't know if there is a catch but may be worth looking into.


Thanks Vonnie, I will get a membership to Benefits and Work, lots of people have said how it helps and I think I need more info for when I get to appeal tribunal.

Thank you for your support x


Hi Flaxton, and all

As others have mentioned it would be worth contacting the CAB for advice on benefits, you can find your local branch here:

It may also be worth finding out if there is a DIAL office near you - this stands for 'disability information advice lines' and some offices are able to offer benefits advice and information:

I wish you luck with your appeal.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate