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Thanks to all

Hi all

Just hopped on to say to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

Many thanks to you all for all your help ,advice,support and smiles that you have provided over the last few months.You really do make a difference and it really helps to know i'm not the only one if you know what i mean!

Lots of love and Best wishes for 2012

Julie xx

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The same to you my friend. Hope you have a painfree christmas and if you drink,please have one for me as i don't.

Hugs and kisses.

Sylvi. xxx


We all help each other thats the beauty of this site! xx

Have a great Xmas xx


Merry christmas

Sci x


can I come in and say Thank you everyone as well? I really would have been lost without all the advice and support!

Merry xmas xxxxx :)


And that goes for me too! Take care all - Tilda xxxx


Seasons greetings from me. Hope the RA behaves itself over the season.

We have a bush in the garden which thinks its autumn, blazing yellow. Don't need fairy lights there!

XX Cathie


Happy Christmas to all, hope 2012 see health improvements for us all.

xx Gina.


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