Gaining Ground Many Thanks

I didn't realize how alone I felt until I came here. Once a soldier always a soldier. (I was in the military) I have always just, "pushed thru." I also didn't know how lucky I am. MY husband finally accepting my disease and my children are grown. Now I have found all of you!! I feel useful again. I have all this stuff I know & now I can share some of it, maybe make someone's life better. While enriching my own.

I wish you pain free mornings and restful nights

Blessed Be

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  • Dear Desdmona welcome and you will be a welcome addition to our little,well big party.xxxxx

  • What a wonderful thing that would be pain free and restful. Its not nice this thing but we on here have it, so it is what it is. I wish you well, take care and good luck.

  • Welcome, looking forward to some of the stuff you are going to share,any help will be much appreciated.

    Regards Mike

  • Without this site to check in with I don't know how we'd be feeling. Hubby has RA and sometimes I've felt so lonely watching hubby in pain and feeling so sad for him 😞 I wish you and your hubby all the best. Sue xx

  • Hello Desdmona and thank you for your lovely, positive message. I'm sure you'll be a valuable memeber of our community.

  • Welcome I was in the Army for 6 years so I know what you mean about pushing through, I've had this disease since 2014 and was really struggling at first but I'm on a Bisomar now and along with mtx I've come out the other side, and I've still got the grit to beat this horrible disease so I'm stepping up on my fitness with aerobics Aqua , body step and other classes, hope things work out ok xxx

  • Hello and welcome these people are great just reading their posts you feel better because you know it's not just you alone any more so I hope you will feel same ❤️

  • Thank u! We must all hAng in there together.


  • Welcome. I feel good about being here too. It is welcoming! Soldiering through maybe isn't such a horrible thing....gotta get through it somehow.

  • Welcome. Glad you are joining us. Look forward to hearing from you.x

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