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Basil cell cancer

Had the op to remove on Tuesday . Didn’t realise the wound would be open and for me to change dressing... I must say it’s a big hole and I look like something from a horror film. I’m told they will , if it heals ok take skin from my ear to cover hole eventually. I am having to take photos every 3 days and send to consultant to see how it’s healing.

I was crying when I saw how it looked but told myself pull yourself together and telling myself it could be worse ... I feel better now but still scared ...

hope everyone is ok

Take care 🌹

Would have put a photo but it may be offensive to some so decided against it x

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Oh bless you that sounds really tough. I’m so impressed you’re managing it. I don’t think I’d be as brave. Well done on so very many levels. You’re a strong strong person. So glad the op is done 🥰

Great it's out bet its quite a relief, great they can cover it. I can only imagine what a shock it is but I guess it's at its worst right now.

You take care x

Thank you x

Goodness what a huge thing to be dealing with you bless you. I would not be as strong as you are. Be kind and gentle with yourself and know how impressed we are with how you are dealing with all of this. x


That must have been a shock! How horrid not to have warned you....

Now you mention it that reminded me that my dad had one removed from his just beside his nose. I was a little kid, but apparently I ran away shrieking when I first saw him. But I can’t remember ever noticing it once it had healed - was just a slightly paler area.

Thank you for your re-assurance x

Goodness, but on the positive side the operation has been successful. Do let us know how you get on ?

Moremagic123 in reply to Mmrr

Thank you I will keep you updated x

Well done the hard part is over. Yes these things really do look terrible. My dad had had several removed and had plastic surgery and honestly they healed marvellously. Time and patience you will see an improvement. .

Stay strong xx

Moremagic123 in reply to J1707

Thank you 🙏🏻

Hi MM, I think the advice from Summerrain to be kind and gentle to yourself is excellent. Some lovely posts from lovely people here too. 💗 Gentle hugs from me and hope you have some pain relief to help you through the early stages of healing. Skin is amazing at healing and I’m sure you will get excellent dermatology care for the graft, etc.

My partner had a mole removed 15 years ago and wider excision/skin graft on his leg/calf. It was a large wound and was a big shock, even though not on the face. It is scary .. anything like that. So I understand the way this can turn your world upside down. We are here to support you and hope you make great progress and well done for all you’ve been through. Very brave. Have they offered professional support to be able to talk to someone of you need to? We’re not professionals of course but hope we can help just by chatting. xx

Thank you for your support , I really appreciate it x


Have had two remove d on my face,both made me look like I had done ten rounds in a boxing.ring .Had lots more stitches than I expected,last lot was June and now you can just see fine scar lines.good luck,it will improve.

Thank you 🙏

How awful that they didn't warn you that they'd leave it open. My other half had stitches when his was removed and there's hardly a mark now. Sending huge virtual hugs to a brave lady

Hi Mm. I'm glad you've had it done. My brother had one removed from the top of his ear a couple of weeks ago and had a skin graft from his shoulder. It's healing well as I am sure yours will. 🤞 Good luck. x

Thank you and I wish him better too 🙏

Thank you. xx



Not the same but I had a breast abscess 30 years ago and I wasn’t told it would be left open to heal . I can still remember the shock when they took dressing off to pack it with gauze .Sending hugs 🤗

Moremagic123 in reply to Fifi2

Thank you ❤️ I hope you’re ok now , it must have been a terrible time for you x

I really feel for you as I know how scary these wounds seem to be, but you’ll be amazed how well it will heal and in time you’ll hardly notice it. You’re doing well and they’re taking good care of you. Its gone thank goodness.Take care x

How awful that they hadn’t warned you. I had one removed from my back, which was stitched. They did warn me that it would leave a big uneven scar but as it’s on my back it didn’t bother me. But I remember feeling very fragile afterwards. You look after yourself. Big hugs x

Sorry to hear of your wound which must be very distressing for you. Yesterday, I was scheduled for my next basal cell removal, previous sites being on my face, head and back. Just to reassure others that not aĺl these procedures are so invasive. And the option is much worse so don't ever hesitate to agree to be treated--the earlier, the better.

I had two removed from my right temple and I thought the same although I didn’t have a hole.For the size of my two BCC’s the size of the wound was bigger than I thought but it healed well.

Good luck with your recovery

Colour photo taken indoors

Wow!! Your very very brave

Bless you it’s scary isn’t it but glad it is now removed. I didn’t see your first post but gather from comments it’s on your face which must be a lot worse psychology to deal with. My friend had one on her nose & they took skin from her ear. That was a few years ago now & it’s healed well & you can hardly see it now. I had one on my leg a few years ago it was only small but I was due my Rituximab prior to a 4 week holiday abroad & they arranged a district nurse in a different village to remove the dressing a day early due to Rituximab the following day. It didn’t look too bad but as I was going out to the theatre that night she said she would put a dressing on it & to remove at bedtime. All she could find was a large Elastoplast but at bedtime when I pulled it off the sticky part was stuck on the wound & it all opened up. I was shocked as it was bleeding profusely & it was so deep & much bigger than I had expected. I shouted to my daughter for help who saw all the blood & called an ambulance but i spoke to them & said no I don’t need that so they sent a paramedic to wrap a massive bandage on to get me to A & E. I was lucky as the dr I saw was by chance a plastic surgeon & said it would never have healed as the edges were not straight so had to have it recut but it made it a much better outcome. Needless to say I didn’t get my Rituximab the following day. It’s well healed now & hardly visible. I hope yours heals well they are very good when it’s on your face. It is a shock but you will be surprised how well & quickly it heals. Take care & let us know how you are. Sending 🤗 xx

Moremagic123 in reply to Otto11

Wow! You’ve been through a lot yrself. Thank you for taking time to re assure me . It is scary and I’m worried if it’s anywhere else as my Dr texted me last night after seeing the photos and said not to worry how it looks now just wait for the results?

I thought that the removal would be the end of it but what are they looking for?

So abit worried, take care x

Otto11 in reply to Moremagic123

Bless you. I’m sure you will be fine but they do have to go quite deep to make sure they have it all. I know I was surprised how deep they went. My hubby has malignant melanoma & when he had his removed on his back they said they had enough & as we were due to go abroad on holiday we went on the Friday & then got a call on Saturday to say they needed to take more so had to fly back the following day for more surgery. He had to have more removed & we then flew back to continue our holiday in Cyprus. I’m a retired nurse so they gave me a pack to take his stitches out. All was well that time. I guess they just need to check they have all the cancer cells. Luckily the difference is once yours is gone then that is it. You will be fine try not to worry. Easier said than done I know. Take care xx

Moremagic123 in reply to Otto11

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comments... I hope you are both well and keep safe x

Otto11 in reply to Moremagic123

You too x

The aim is to remove a good margin round the bit that is causing trouble. After they remove the tissue it is sent to a lab where they examine it closely. They are looking to see if all the edges are healthy tissue with no signs of cancerous cells. This means that they have got all the nasty stuff out. If there are any issues they have to go back and remove more tissue.

Ok thank you for the info x please God they got it all x 🙏🏻 It s a great comfort to hear from people and very reassuring many thanks x

You’re doing so well. Take one day at a time and be kind to yourself. Big hugs xx


You are very brave. Hope everything heals ok


Another optimistic tale hopefully - my hairdresser had a similar situation on her nose. I only saw it afterwards and wouldn't have known if she hadn't told me. She then showed me the photos of the wound before the plastic surgery (sounds like yours is similar) and I was amazed at the transformation 😉


I do feel for you l had 2 removed from my nose at different times 6yrs apart the photos were horrendous like you said a big hole had to dress it myself but after some time it healed beautiful the surgeon did a good l wear concealer in my take care xxx

That’s very reassuring thank you so much , I know I’m getting older and your face etc changes but I was so upset when I saw myself , I will try and stay positive and look to the future 🙏🏻

Hiya, dont e dismayed, I looked like Frankenstein with a huge scar from my neck , I was very very upset but it healed really really quickly . It's so good usnt it that they treated the growth though so really try sighing a big sigh of relief . It will heal , and you'll be glad it's gone.

If they are working which they might be theres an amazing charity

They are excellent and great to chat too.

But wow you got rid of a cancer , that's amazing. Stay strong and keep chatting xxx

Moremagic123 in reply to allanah

Thank you for your kind comments , it helps as was very upset yesterday but feel better today 🙏🏻

allanah in reply to Moremagic123

Of course you were, it's a big deal but you WILL get there, take it easy and be patient xxx 😍

I dont want to sound like the grammar police on such a sensitive subject, but as the misspelling is part of the heading and looks funny, I will just say- its 'Basal' not Basil.

So sorry

Why are you apologising?

Moremagic123 in reply to boberch

I got the spelling wrong

boberch in reply to Moremagic123

I know YOU did, but I was replying to Hocuspocus123s

Had one removed from my temple in early January. Done as a minor op by the doctors at my surgery. Seems I got off lightly compared to some others. Four stitches to close the wound and scar is barely visible to a casual onlooker. Been helping it with Bio oil.

The open wound is a bit of a shocker if you are not expecting it. Perhaps it wasn't the plan but the only option. I was told to be very careful when drying the area and to pat it dry as the skin was quite friable. I left the steri-strips on for 5 or 6 days to keep the area undisturbed.

👍🏻 Thank you

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