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Hi, does anybody know if it is ok to take and extra folic acid tablet in one day, I have already taken a 5g tablet but forgot I took it and took another one making 10, is that ok or is it too much and would it do me harm. Thanks

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I did this recently! Was more worried about the 'senior moment' than the extra tablet which I assumed was pretty harmless. I survived! Why not give your GP a call first thing if you're worried. Or could phone NHS Direct - do they still exist? - Or any other online port of call.

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NHS direct has gone it's now 111.

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Thank you!

Yes Ive done it before and survived too but definitely give your doc surgery a ring and ask them to ask the doc and ring you back. If they are a good surgery it shouldnt be a hassle.

Another thing I thought of was contacting the poisons info line, they should be able to help you too.

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I spoke to my consultant thurs because my gp had cut my folic acid down (on methotrexate) He put it back up instantly and said if doesn`t matter if you take 100 folic acid tablets a wk they wont harm you. Hope this helps x

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hi maysymae, just like jackaboo, and others, I also endorse what they say, I used to be on 10mg once a week, now it is 5mg 6 days a week. I do not think that you can overdose on folic acid. Having said that, why do you not consider investing in a weeks tablet wallet, I have one of these, and it works well, I fill up the whole week on a Sunday, this means that in the week when busy, if I think I have forgotten to take a tablet, I can easily check the cases, if empty for lunchtime on a particular day, then I know I have not forgotten that lunchtime tablet. Works wonders for those "old age moments". love and good wishes.

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Hi there

Always check with your chemist as some drugs mustn't be kept in a dosette box as they go off.

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he kikideelili, first thoughts about this were, what difference is there in a bottle, packet, or a pill box compartment? as long as the temperature is not high, as I have been keeping meds. in this state for about 40 years I would think that a 1 weeks supply is fine, but will get a chemists view. many thanks.

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If my memory serves me right it was omeprazole that the hospital pharmacist was concerned out. ( I was in hospital at the time). Prob ok for most drugs but for some reason not that group.

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Hi Maysymae, I agree with Bluetit, Jackaboo and others, I too have those senior moments (quite often really!!) Like Bluetit, I have invested in a jumbo sized pill container box, so I can just look in that compartment and see whether I have taken them or not. They are all individual boxes with 4 compartments. They sit in a tray and you can easily pop them out if you are going out for the day etc. It was also brilliant for my holiday.

I got mine from everyone's favourite on-line shopping site - under £10 and arrived the next day postage free - can't be bad!

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Thanks everyone for your replies, well I survived and am still here lol, I think I must invest in a tablet box, I seem to be getting very forgetful in my old age lol

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Folic acid is just like taking a vitamin . totally harmless

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folic acid is very similar to taking a vitamin. When I asked my Rheum about taking extra folic acid she jokingly asked me if I was pregnant. Damn miracle if I am.

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Hi my consultant has advised me to take extra frolic acid 2x5mg a couple of days after my methatrexate (20mg) to try and reduce the headaches I get from the meds, so I presume the extra 1 u took shouldn't be a prob. - but best to check I suppose

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Doubt it would. Harm you

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