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Received Covid jab today (England)


Apologies in advance, if I’m repeating things that others have said. Today, in Cambridgeshire, I received my first Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. I received a mobile text yesterday and was given 24 hours advance notice. Prior to yesterday’s text, I wondered if I was on the list (I’m in Group 6). Anyway, three things that I thought might be of interest to other people on this forum. First, the reason for the short notice is that the team doesn’t know exactly when the doses will arrive and when the doses do arrive the team has to act quickly. This week, in my area, they are only giving vaccines on one day (i.e. today). Second, a couple of hours later, other than a slight headache, I don’t feel any side effects. Apparently, side effects are more inclined to occur after the second dose, which isn’t bad news as ‘these side effects are a sign of an immune system kicking into gear’. Finally, in my area, apparently it will be an 11 week wait until the next dose.

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Hi yes there is a planned shutdown of the pfizer factory for two weeks planned months ago. But it will lead to a huge expansion of manufacturing and doses of vaccines. So glad you've got your jab xx

MoniqueB in reply to allanah

Ah, I wasn't aware of that. I'm pleased that I got my jab too, as the self-isolating is wearing very thin (as I'm sure many can relate!). These days, I actually look forward to going to the doctor to get my bloods taken, as it's nice to see people in person!

allanah in reply to MoniqueB

I know I get dressed up to go to hospital lol!!! Word of caution though you have no immunity at all till day 21 xxxx even then it about 90 ish percent , so we are stuck with distancing masks etc for a bit . But hey it's getting better xxx

MoniqueB in reply to allanah

Ha ha ha! Also, thank you for your words of advice. Today, when walking home, I felt a sense of 'freedom' and then had to give myself a stern talking to about remaining cautious. But you're right, it is getting better!

Well done 💗

Interesting Monique, I’m in Cambs and they have been vaccinating more than one day a week, I had a choice of many days, but I suppose it depends which area within Cambs maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️

MoniqueB in reply to KittyJ

Hmm, I wonder? When did you get your vaccine? Yesterday, I only had a choice of three time slots on one day (today). This morning the nurse told me that earlier on, when they had more doses on hand, they were able to give vaccines more than one day a week, but this week, in my area (Trumpington) it was only one day for the patients of three clinics.

KittyJ in reply to MoniqueB

I had mine 10 days ago so maybe it’s different now 😊

MoniqueB in reply to KittyJ

It sounds as if it might be changing week-to-week. 🤷‍♀️

My friend had hers on Friday last - she was contacted on the Monday and seemed to have a choice of having it at a pharmacy in Cambridge with the Oxford / AZ vaccine or waiting and having the Pfizer one in Royston at some point soon. She went into town and had it done there. Perhaps it’s just the place you had it that’s only doing it one day a week because it looks as if there are a lot of vaccination centres. My friend who had the Oxford/AZ vaccine has got a date for her follow up appointment but her sister hasn’t and neither have we - we all got the Pfizer version.

Interesting! I'm sort of happy that I wasn't given the choice. Today, I asked the doctor who delivered my dose, if people cared which vaccine they received and she responded, 'No. They're just happy to get one.' That was certainly the case for me! You're probably right that it's all place-related. At first, I was a little chagrinned (and skeptical) to learn that the second dose would be so far off, but I just read 'longer dose intervals within the 8 to 12 weeks range are associated with greater efficacy'.

Glad you have joined the first jab club. Take care especially days three to five when most people feel unwell. Be good to yourself stay warm and drink loads 💐

MoniqueB in reply to Green230461

Thanks very much Green. I will take care of myself. Good idea to drink loads! Thanks for the reminder.

I was also told to have our two faithfuls on hand paracetamol and ibuprofen as RAsufferers tend to get a few aches and pains-no surprises there! I did but many of my friends didn’t just lucky I guess🙋🏻‍♀️

MoniqueB in reply to Green230461

I have those faithfuls on hand too. The side effect appear to really range between people. Today I read that the younger generation are more likely to experience side effects, which surprised me.

Really pleased for you Monique. x

MoniqueB in reply to springcross

Thank you springcross.

My son is having his on Huntingdon Road on this coming Sunday.


Very close to where I am. All the best to you and your son, Clemmie.

Well done Monique, I am off to Taunton Race Course today for my jab. I received a letter at the beginning of last week inviting me to book online and could choose any time this week. I have also booked my second jab. Hope I am still smiling tomorrow.

MoniqueB in reply to achyknitter

That's great news achyknitter. It's also wonderful that you got to choose any time this week and have booked your second jab already. Re. my second jab, yesterday I was told that someone would be in touch and was given a vaccination card.

Hi Monique, glad you got your jab. I am in category 4 so I had mine end of January. Wondered when I would get the 2nd jab but that gives me a rough idea 11 weeks approx. Like you say its getting a bit much shielding/self isolating. 😉

MoniqueB in reply to Flor1rence

I bet you'll be very relieved to get your second jab Flor1rence!

Flor1rence in reply to MoniqueB

even though I don't have a date I am sort of counting down the days 😁

Can I ask what medication you take? I’m 34 with RA and take tocilizumab and have been told I am not on the list for a vaccine. They are vaccinating those with diabetes and coeliacs in my area but apparently I’m not a priority. Hospital say I should have one but my doctors won’t agree and say I should just shield

MoniqueB in reply to Golden87

Hi Gold, the only medication I'm on right now is 20 mg of methotrexate. Is your GP aware that you're on a biologic? The reason I ask is that when I was on a biologic my GP didn't call me in for my flu shot as they weren't aware of the medication I was on. Is there any way that you can ask your rheumy to contact your GP?

Well done on getting your vaccine looks like it's happening quite fast now. I had mine booked for today but after speaking to my rheumy nurse was advised to put off for a week or two, I am recovering from a bad case of shingles although I am no longer contagious 5 weeks in I am still suffering with the nerve pain. Hopefully will have mine in 2 weeks. Stay warm, keep hydrated and rest up.

Thank you for your warm wishes Harrypotter. With regard to your shot, waiting a few weeks sounds like a good idea. I know that shingles can be quite painful, so I hope that you're well on the road to recovery!

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