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Covid 4: booking jabs.

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Morning peeps. Have just booked online for my 4th Covid jab. I said ‘yes’ to receiving a letter from my GP/ Rheumatologist despite not having one 😂. I am due one on the 15th so usurped any text by booking directly.

My Chemist will be doing it, who knows me. I chatted to him when he gave me the third, and he said it will be on ‘the system’ somewhere and not to worry.

I would recommend taking a past letter from Rheumatology with your dose on / and a link on your phone to ‘severely immunocompromised groups’ so you can flash it at any naysayers if you go to a walk-in where you are not known.

At the very least have your NHS number, so they can find you easily. That way you are covered in case you need to argue.. 🙄. neither GPs nor Rheumatology departments have been informed they actually have to send a letter to us; just so you know. 🤡.

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You could also take evidence of what meds you're on 🙂

Thank you for sharing that. Have booked it as have GP letter.

My GP arranged my Pfizer last week and I’m glad to report no ill effects other than a slightly sore arm. My NHS record now shows 2 standard vaccinations plus a 3rd and 4th both marked as Boosters. 👍

The nhs site does says they will accept letters stating you needed a 3rd dose, at any walk-in centre

Isn’t that everyone though Maureen? Everyone over 16 was offered a third dose/booster , everyone I know has had one.

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