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Well blow me down with a feather.


Well just had a email from my school academy due to the increase of children being tested or have Covid all staff and children will need to wear masks apart from eating or outside... bit of a turn around and so quickly ... ... oh yes we must supply our own

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So many U turns each day I get dizzy trying to process it all and can't imagine how you must feel with all the things changing in school. Take care x

It always seemed sensible to me that all in schools should wear masks. So after all the “it’s not necessary” advice it has now become important in your academy due to the rising R rate. It’ll be interesting to see if it becomes standard practice in all secondary schools.

It was only a matter of time and thankfully they’ve not let it go on for weeks etc before deciding this. I always thought it a nonsense that the government were saying .. don’t need to wear a mask generally at first and I always wore one from the start going outside. I feel that was stated by Boris and co. in case the public went mad buying them all all. (Toilet roll scenario!) Mine were leftovers from my printmaking protection kit and the ones I bought or buy aren’t hospital type ones anyhow. x

I could never understand why your school thought it ok not to 🤷🏻‍♀️ Very glad you will be. Keep safe 💖

I’m glad they’ve finally realised the obvious but I’m furious you’re expected to supply your own. That’s totally unacceptable. My friend is a teacher and told me about all the cleaning they’re expected to do, I was shocked! Keep safe please.

Good on the Governors and Head for taking such action, so quickly.

That doesn't seem right as no doubt masks will become a status symbol. Are they taking temperatures of pupils and staff going in? I've gone back into close to lockdown mode but the biggest risk seems to be people in each others homes. I pray for a vaccine and common sense to prevail where legislation can't make some people act sensibly for the common good. I hope you all group together and ask for masks to be provided as for everyday thats not going to be cheap and will they be changed for every class. This could be very expensive for you although vital.

Has there been something in the press or letters from schools to parents about changing masks every class? Just inquisitive here to know how it would work as I’m not a parent so don’t have first hand info, but feel that it could be difficult if so many masks a day are required.

No but if we are being told that they don't work for very long as they get damp then how can 1 mask work all day. This would be like a nurse wearing them and surely must need to changed regularly. Or they just don't work.

J1707 in reply to medway-lady

I know . Children and staff are asked to bring a bag to put dirty masks into and bring home. I’m deprived areas I don’t think the children can afford it

The district nurses/carers change masks in between every patient.

I totally agree and my nurse changed her mask several times during my Rtx infusion last week, so yes you do need to change when they get damp. I would like to hope this good practice happens most places. Changing mask filters could help, if those types are worn, but there would still be dampness on the rest of the mask. I see less of those than the standard non filter types advertised, but an entire clean dry mask would be better changed at least after lunch.

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Our school covers an enormous are from Birmingham, smethwick, Kidderminster, stourport and wyre Forrest. Some of these are in the “danger zone” . My next door neighbour works in a local school her bubble of children is 190 she has 28 children off either with covid or symptoms or their family has. 8 members of staff are off and now all pulpits and staff have to wear masks around the school. From what I’ve heard this going to be standard in secondary schools

Neonkittie17 in reply to J1707

I hope it is. Only a matter of time I feel. x

J1707 in reply to medway-lady

There is no way you can take all students temperatures daily . This has become pretty standard in secondary schools and I believe once wet weather arrives and children can’t get outside or leave windows open the mask wearing will be more important. We are doing lots of lessons outside at the moment We are lucky we have the grounds . As far as I can see our pupils are not keen on the masks and not status relevant. School budgets have not been increased and so many are starting in deficit because of the cleaning cost and basic cleaning equipment.. most schools barely have enough teachers or assistants to cope when things are normal. We now all clean and disinfect as part of our job takes us away from the real job teaching. So no chance with the masks being supplied.

Its honestly amazing, our big local shopping centre has an electronic arc you walk through. If green go ahead if orange or red someone stops you and masks must still be worn anyway. Such muddled thinking and here at least one school has 200 pupils in one group off. I'm sure that the government knows winter is coming so just begs the question why isn't it being planned for. But I suppose it's all down to money again. I just hope and pray that a vaccine isn't too far off and eventually life will get back to a sort of normal. It doesn't seem right though that teachers are cleaning and not teaching. We all know why but without an end in sight at the moment its an expensive way of staffing a school, or GP's surgery or hospital. Nurses get supplied with masks so could you ask if its possible for the school to bulk buy at least it'lll reduce the cost to staff and pupils.

An arc... goodness that sounds high tech. Is that temperature checking?

J1707 in reply to medway-lady

We can’t afford glue sticks and paper is rationed there just isn’t any money . The government hasn’t given an emergency fund to schools . My sisters children go to a private school they have increased the fees to cover costs.

That’s very innovative .. the arch.

Much better news for you though! Should have suggested this to begin with. You do realise that you will now be a fully signed up member of the Mask Police like my hubby? Now it’s sit down shut up mask on instead of Hands/face /space😃

We’ve been told this today but if mask had a design or logo you may be asked to remove and may be given a disposable one 😡 also my daughter had lessons today over Internet whilst teacher isolating at home. Come on, I’m very sorry for the teacher but , just do this anyway if risks too high, I’m sure bubbles don’t work when they’re huge, defeats object of spread just helps them trace

J1707 in reply to stiff19

This is the view of most teachers but they are seen as idle and they should be hero’s according to red tops. I spoke to my rheummy nurse today and she said without a doubt Children Catch and pass this virus on just like the flu but their symptoms are mild. She said we do need herd immunity to weaken the disease but not at the cost of the vulnerable who should be shielding until the virus is weakened the hopefully like the flu a jab every year.

stiff19 in reply to J1707

The red tops are Of their own opinions we don’t all agree..Yes but how many kids that are sent have vulnerable people at home they are returning to , that’s my concern. I agree for what I know (that’s not much) that we need herd immunity but as you say at what cost.

J1707 in reply to stiff19

Yes I agree

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