Big day for me today! ( Well in my eyes!)

My day has arrived to take my first MTX tablets, I have noted that most people take them in the evening so that is my plan, l would be lying if I said I was not nervous about it but I know from all I have learnt from your past blogs and advise to others that all will be fine, and if it's not then I know where to come , hope the sun is shining on you all today, x

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  • hope they have the desired effect. Taking them at night should make you less incllined to experience the common side effects so I hope this goes well


  • Thank you x

  • Please keep us updated how you get on.

    Thinking of you.


  • Sending lots of luck & positive thoughts! Really hope they work well for you.

    Lets us know how you get on. Take care xxx

  • Ooo you are all so lovely, x

  • Really good luck! I find that starting new meds is always nerve-racking - no matter how often you do it and I know you are not alone in feeling nervous. Really hope that the mtx helps you.


  • They are a piece of cake so don't worry about them The more you worry the harder it gets.xx

  • Sylvi is so right she said the same to me too bless her 7months ago when I was a wreck !! She was right I was fine and now I do injections get me ?! :))) ... You'll be fine Claire x

  • Hope they work well for you x

  • Hi, the thought of taking them for the first time is the worst bit, then it gets easier until you have to increase your dose then it all starts again!! Good luck and I hope they work for you. Tracy xx

  • Hi, I know exactly how you feel as I was scared too when I took my first MTX tablets. However as it turned out I have tolerated the tablets without any of the side effects such as nausea . I started off taking 10 mgs and now take 15mgs still without any problems. I do hope it will be the same for you. I also expected to have to wait 6 to 12 weeks before I could feel any improvement with the pain but I am only 5 weeks in and all my pains have disappeared. The relief is amazing - I love my MTX!!

    Good luck and hope they work well for you. Jean x

  • Positive thinking!! It will be great and how glad r u that the treatment is starting!! Xx

  • I have been taking MTX once a week , for about three months. I usually take 7.5mgs. in the evening about an hour after dinner.

    I've had absolutely no side effects, and my pains have disappeared. I hope you have the same relief, and best of luck. Zannie. XX

  • I know all will be fine, I am lucky to be starting my treatment, only 4 weeks ago I was In an Awful state, things are so positive now, thank you every one for your support, I can't you how much it means to me x

  • I take 20mg every monday evening after dinner, Rhuemy nurse told me take it on a full stomach. I have never had any problems. Hopefully you wont either pains are up and down but better than they were. Good luck fingers crossed.


  • hope it goes ok x

  • Best of luck lovely. Let us know how you get on. Gentle hugs. Love Janet xxx

  • Hi ibtabby

    I started taking MTX about a month ago and was very apprehensive, didnt really want to start taking it because of all the bad things I had read. But I have to say I am really pleased with the results my right hand used to get really swollen and after a month I look like I have a normal hand again which is great. I take 7.5mg every Saturday after breakfast and before I head of to my weekly session of Bingo :-) best of luck to you hope it all works out

  • Hope you don't have any sickness.

    Mary x

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