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How lucky ... off topic


Lockdown finished so we are going to paint the bedroom. Hubby hasn’t got time so a neighbour gave us a recommendation. The painter turned up this morning obviously he is inundated with work. Told us this was his first day back at work as he was shielding due to his wife having lupus. Told I had been shielding as well. I’m first on his list and he’s going to do the whole house. Relief!!! Was worried about having someone I don’t know in the house especially with the high infection rates in surrounding boroughs ... got lucky

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Excellent, it is so good when someone just shows a little understanding. A nice freshly painted hiuse will be a wee lift for you too.

The owners of my mobile home site, are great too. The woman has not been shielding, but is in a high vulnerable group (not sure what is wrong with her she didn't say) so understands.

I had a problem with one of my electric sockets, they repaired it after I left knowing I wouldn't be back for a while and hence minimal risk of infection. I could have cried at their understanding.

J1707 in reply to Mmrr

Yes being stuck in the house these last few months has shown up how tired everything has got. Should be done in time for the next lockdown 😁 your right people understanding makes such a difference... a rarity

Bet you will be a happy bunny that you have a great painter who cares in the house and ten best of all a freshly painted home!

That's reassuring to know he has an understanding of shielding and the fact you are first on his list too. Hope the newly painted home gives you a boost, lucky lady x

How lovely, a newly painted house! So nice when people understand shielding and what it has meant. I was getting a little cross yesterday when someone on Facebook was saying how hard done to they are as their husband is going back to work. None of them have been shielding or needed to and have spent these last four months going to beaches and for meals and having daily interactions with others. I was very baffled to why she felt she was hard done to. 🤷‍♀️ x

J1707 in reply to Summerrain14

My husband said the same thing last night . 95% of his works has been furloughed 1/2 at a time until October but my hubby wasn’t one of them he has had to take on more and more. The change over for furlough had happened in July and already people are asking can they be refurloughed. My husband’s work have been meticulous in the safety of their workers .....hats off to them.... These people have no. Health issue and neither do their partners. Hubby asked why. It’s the summer and they want to spend more time with their families during the summer... how much more time do they need ???? 🤬 I said I would put them first on the redundancy list they can have as much time as they want..people have got selfish and greedy. X

Summerrain14 in reply to J1707

Sadly some people just think of themselves and not others. Clearly the case for people who work with your husband. Surely it would have made more sense for your husband to have been furloughed to protect you all. I was proper grumpy yesterday but thankfully kept my opinion to myself. 🤬 x

Pippy25 in reply to J1707

For some it has brought out the best in people for others it has shown their true colours. There are the selfless then there are the selfish....I, me and my, number 1, so if they want to be number 1 as you said they can be....on the redundancy list. Takes all kinds to make the world go round but a little kindness, thought and care for others goes a long way.

Lovely and having someone understanding off your illnesses is great xxx

I'm so so happy for you and slightly jealous too. Mine needs freshening up too

That really is a stroke of good luck. It will be lovely for you to have a freshly painted home, even if there will be a bit of upheaval whilst the job is on progress.

J1707 in reply to Lolabridge

Oh the little things that makes us happy 😁

That’s great news, we just have to trust some people. My son will be starting to redecorate my lounge when he’s off shift, I can’t wait as changing the colour and flooring. The walls will be light grey, I’m a bit late to this colour but wanted it for a long while now. The rest of the house will have to be done too at some stage, as it’s all neutral, except the kitchen, which luckily is grey and white anyway. All the best. X

J1707 in reply to Gigi71

I’m being very brave like you my house is neutral never done colour before. So... deep breaths I’ve gone all out. Feature wall a very deep dark duck green wall the rest an off white . Gold headboard and curtains. Dark green velvet lamps and chair. Hubby keeps saying are you sure. I’m not but I’m going for it 🤞

Gigi71 in reply to J1707

Sounds really great, my dil’s conservatory is a dark green, well the walls joined to the house and under the windows, plus a dark green velvet sofa with soft pink cushions, plus gold bits, it looks stunning, I’m sure you will love it 🤞🤞 let us know. X

LinaM in reply to J1707

Sounds very stylish 😊

J1707 in reply to LinaM

Or a disaster 😂😂 totally out of character

Deeb2908 in reply to J1707

Oh give me wallpaper and colours and I am like a woman possessed. Tastefully of course x

J1707 in reply to Deeb2908

Rainbow 🌈 kinda person 😁x

bubblyalex in reply to J1707

It’ll be stunning 😁

That is wonderful news.

Brilliant. That is really good. You will have your whole house painted too. What a great. x

Sorry. That should have said treat. x

That's great J. Hopefully it will brighten up your spirits at the same time. Spending all this time indoors really makes you see all the things that need attention. Looks like you have found exactly the right man for the job. Don't know what Darcey will make of it but if she's anything like my Poppy used to be he will be wrapped round her paw in no time.

J1707 in reply to Biofreak

I have visions of her rubbing her head and body along the wet painted walls 😂😂😂she will rub along any thing often comes back from a walk covered head to toe in cobwebs leafs etc😂😂

bubblyalex in reply to J1707

LOL for a second there I saw your first two and a bit sentences on the opening page and thought... what the heck... 🤣

J1707 in reply to bubblyalex

😂😂nothing like reeling you in 😁

bubblyalex in reply to J1707


Biofreak in reply to J1707

Oh yes never thought of that! 😆 As you know Poppy died in January and apart from a few bits and pieces, like her collar and lead and a few things, there is nothing left. EXCEPT whenever anything is moved or chair covers removed she has left her reminders in the form of dog hairs. 😆. Don't mind except makes me sad for a while. Happy decorating xx

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