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Phone consult- mTX & sulphasalazine

Do love my clinic on time and a good discussion on where I am now and what we need to do to move forward.

So off MTX as Doc was 'you have given it 8 months and with your reaction last week to penicillin lets start trying to get you in a good place'.

So onto sulphasalazine and he is organising meds and blood tests and though read up on the drug, he went through all the contras but explained how rare and when/what to do based on this to make sure I knew everything, as I told him last week had made me a wee anxious taking new meds.

He 'laughed' with me when I said I was taking 40mg Pred last week and crippling fatigue- his answer wow most people go into overdrive.......I said I would like to go into overdrive for a week or 2 to feel I have some energy again. Now down to 15mg and still want to sleep.

We both agreed how MTX is so good for many people and the gold star and yes it takes time but I have done 8 months of trying it all different timelines and ways but not for me.

So if reading this and just started keep going it does take time, as it is a good drug for more people than it isn't.

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You have given Mtx more than enough time to start working. I hope Sulphasalazine works great for you. It was my first R.A. med and got me moving and active again after first being diagnosed. Good luck. X

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thank you fingers crossed I so want to move on from where I am now.

Beware the orange pee..😳😐

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He told me about that I said radioactive orangina look - he agreed

I'd be interested to know how you get on with the SSZ Dee. I started it almost four weeks ago and am now on the 2 tablets twice a day. Also, I have been having the MTX Metoject since September last year (15 mg down from 20 mg because of awful hair loss). Hope it works out for you. x

Me too just want something to work and feel I am not stuck in this constant loop of chronic fatigue and swelling.

Welcome to the Sulphasalazine club! 🤗

Nearly finished my first week so on to 2 a day tomorrow. So far so good 😊

What dose are you working up to? 4 a day for me.

Really hope that it will works for you - you deserve a break 🤞

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He said 4 initially if working but not enough can go to 6 but let’s see 🤪

So pleased your consultant has understood how hard you tried with MTX and is giving you an alternative. Hope that will work quickly for you. X

Fingers crossed Sulphazalazine works for you Deeb. You gave MTX a good go.

So pleased you have had a good consultation and a way forward is being planned.

I’m doing it the other way way round with my meds. Been on sulphasalzine for a year now and will hopefully be starting on MTX next weekend. I really do hope you get some much needed relief from the Sulphasalzine. x

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