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Phone call from rheumy to continue mtx.

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Dang!! Dang!! So.... I happily jumped out of my chair to answer my phone. It was my rheumatologist. He has advised me to continue my mtx, at a lower dose of 12.5 mg. He says it is too soon for me to just stop mtx because I am feeling better. He thinks that the fixed dental work has calmed my RA down but not got rid of it. He can not guarantee my RA is gone and he doesn't want all the mtx to leave my system for fear of a flare. But he will give me a full checkup on the 15th. Oh well, time to give myself the needle

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Don't be despondent sue, he is probably right to be cautious . Chin up and best wishes.


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That's what I like about my rheumatologist, he is cautious and he phones me to see how I'm doing. Such a nice man.

"one day at a time Suzanne" is his new saying :)

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Sound like a good one !

Best of luck with things .


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Lucky You, you definitely have a good rheumatologist. 👍 I used to have a great Rheumatologist but unfortunately I moved regions and the service is poor ☹️.

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Sounds like one in a million - definitely a rarity over here nowadays with the state of the NHS. No matter how much they would love to have that type of relationship with some of their patients,there just aren't enough hours in the day for most of them!!

Here's to you staying relatively drugfree for as long as possible,and getting back to a sense of normality as soon as you can xx

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Yes don't rush anything yet. Take it slow and sure.

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I know it's disappointing Sue but he's sounds as though he's erring on the side of caution, he's right of course. There's one positive, reduced dose & you've another meet soon, you can talk things through then. x

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Thanks Nomoreheels. Yes it's disappointing, but on a positive note, I am doing better than I was.

As you Brits say, "Chin up" .

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Indeed, that's another positive, you're not remaining on it because things are getting worse! x

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Man after my own heart.... sounds sensible to me. Think of it perhaps as injecting the final nails in your RA's coffin to make sure it's lifeless?

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If you are taking Mtx with no nasty side effects i'dvlisten to your rheumy!

Just remember what a flare is Like!

Slowly, slowly & you'll get there....Good Luck!


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Hi Suzanne,

Hasten slowly! That your symptoms are reducing is fantastic - really.

While complete recovery would be great, even a residual level of pain would be good for me. Just to remind me of what's gone and to help remember to take care of the damaged joints.

I'd think the pathways of the disease will still be there and with a history, ready to rtip back into action. I think a low dose of MTX is prudent.

You future must look a lot brighter now.

Having said that - I hope it goes completely! Best wishes for you.


Wooohooo!!! Awesome news Sue - That is a great direction to go!

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So pleased to hear you are still doing well Sue, long may it continue. X

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