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My doctor rang me yesterday to say they are doing some kind off experiment with mtx and they want everyone to take mtx on a Monday! When she told me this I said oh no cannot take it then I take it on a Saturday as it wipes me out and I have the weekend off to recovery! She kept trying to say we want you to take it on a Monday so everyone takes it on the same day. But I repeated that I take it at the weekend which are my days off as I am shattered when I take it. She then said you will continue to have to tell the receptionist that is the reason why you are not taking it on a Monday?

Has anyone else heard about this?

I cannot take it on Monday as I would not be able to go to work!


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Never heard of this although my rheumy nurse originally suggested Monday as it was easy to remember it as "M" day...

I used to take mine on Saturday evening (now Friday) for the same reasons as you.

Was this your GP or your rheumy?

What the???? Never heard the like

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Blimey I landed up taking many different days depending being on and off it and taking it 8days not 7. No rhyme or reason

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What on earth? Why should everyone have to take it on a Monday? As for explaining myself to the receptionist I'll do that when they tell me where the receptionist got her medical degree.

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I don't take MTX but have never heard of something so strange. It's a bit like reading your horoscope and saying all Capricorns today will win a windfall, meet the person of their dreams and fall down a hole in the road at the same time. We are all individuals, unique and not clones.

Ok Monday means MTX

Tuesday could mean Take MTX

Wednesday could mean Will remember to take MTX

Thursay Take yourMTX

Friday Feel I need to take MTX

Saturday Says take MTX

Sunday So you need to take your MTX :-)

Apologies if this is actually correct but it does seem a little odd.

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So funny, good on you!

what 😲

How bizarre, it would be a no from me !

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Never heard off something so barmy and the receptionists think they’re in charge as it is without giving them more power 🤨

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To be fair, that’s not entirely fair on the receptionist. They do what the practice manager tells them to do. They’re stuck between a rock and a hard place for little monetary reward.

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And the Doctors and the nurses and the pharmacies and anyone else who feels they can order you about. I did the job for about a year and was not good at it because I tried so hard to help the patients( who are not always pleasant) but it didn't suit the bosses.

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Definitely. I think people assume that receptionists take it upon themselves to ask questions and it’s not true. They often get a bum deal.

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I've never been asked to do that Carol. Sounds a bit weird. xx

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How very bizarre! That's a new one on me😳

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Sounds like a hoax call 🤔

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What a load of rubbish..... Whatever next......

It's us living with this horrible disease...... I will not be dictated to as and when I take / inject my meds.....

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Very odd and not something I have been asked either by my rheumatology team or GP. I would have the same issue as fake my MTX on a Saturday to give me Sunday to rest and deal with any side effects that come my way. x

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Sounds like total bunkum! I don't take it now, but used to take it on Friday evening because it wiped me out for 48 hours, that way I could cope the a class of noisy 5 year olds in Monday!!!! Stick to your guns, it's your body, your choice.....and receptionists do an important job but aren't medics.

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Everyone in the area under my RheumaBuddy team take their Mtx on Monday. All paperwork is printed with Monday on.

I spoke to a stranger at work once in the hospital and their day was Monday ;)

So I am wondering how they will cope with me commencing my mtx injections on a Friday 🤔🤪

I wonder why they like everyone on the same day?!

I’m tempted to try and get mine adjusted to Monday from Friday as I don’t want weekend spoiled if I feel off (I don’t work Mondays so can be a bit off without it affecting family time).

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I think what she means is it would probably suit her to have all her patients take Mtx on the same day....can’t imagine why though. Is she a junior doctor? Mtx has been prescribed for at least 25 I doubt “experiments “ are still ongoing.

In the seven years I took Mtx I never discussed my medication with a receptionist.....& I certainly would not expect to discuss any meds with a receptionist now.

Ask your rheumy nurse to get an explanation.

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Think I’d just say ... OK then .. and continue to take it when it suits you!

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No, not heard that. I had a Rheumy phone appointment last Friday as well so unless they've only been contacting patients this week? How odd. Can't think why they want to do this, I’ve always injected on a Wed so if I’m iffy I’m ok for the weekend if we go out as I’m the designated driver!

There could well be a trial or study they want to run, but if that’s the case, they need the patients’ permission to take part - informed, formal consent, not just ‘hey, you have to do this because we want you to’ 👀😂 I wouldn’t worry about it, and if they start being funny or making you ‘explain’ as the nurse is suggesting they will, tell them you want a full written explanation as to why they want everyone to take it on a Monday, including evidence of approval from the hospital ethics committee...

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Good answer, Charlie_G. They can't just drop you into an experiment without your consent.

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That is ridiculous!

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Not heard of any "experiment", but taken MTX for over 40 years and some doctors have suggested take it on a Monday "M" and "M" but ultimately it's your choice. I took it on Saturdays whilst I was still working.

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Oh my. No, haven't heard this before. I wouldn't change my day either.

That is almost bullying

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Nope I’ve not been told this either. How can they dictate what day we should take our meds... to make life simple for them?? Clearly not taking into consideration the reasons we choose specific days to fit around our work and lifestyles as it wipes us out!! I take mine on a Wednesday for that reason and will not be changing!

Sorry rant over 😊.

I have two hospital appts coming up one this Friday and another next Monday so will ask both consultants about it.

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Very strange, are you sure it was a doctor?

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I honestly thought this was a joke and was waiting for the punchline. No way would anyone cooperate with that ... it doesn’t make any sense at all! Wait........ what’s today? Nope ,not April 1st !

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Carolsos in reply to LinaM

Haha, that made me laugh!! 🤔

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I take on a Tuesday, I saw my consultant yesterday, she was ok with it.Fortunately, I have not experienced any negative side effects

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When I was put on it few years ago. I was told to take whatever day easier for me. Nurse said most take at weekends. So I take mine every Friday and it gives me weekend to recover. I would have said only will change if it’s advertised by my rhemy dr since that’s his department. Most Gps only know what they can read online. So that’s a no from me.

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Doesn't make sense to me. It almost seems like a hoax. I was told by rheum nurse to take mine Fri or Sat to give me time to recover by work on Monday. Did the doctor actually explain the medical reason behind this 'experiment'?Why Monday specifically? In any case how will they know if you don't take it on a Monday?

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I had an email from the surgery this morning asking me to inform them what day I take mtx so they could amend my prescription. Weird/ I’ve taken it on Saturday for 11 years . I can’t see why the day makes a difference.

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Maybe with staff shortages at GP practices as GP’s are still not working fully they’ve decided to bring everyone into line for prescribing reasons. Perhaps the pharmacist in your practice only works certain days so they’re hoping if everyone takes their mtx on a Monday it gives them the rest of the week to sort prescriptions. That’s the only reason I can think of. Bizarre but probably down to repeat prescriptions being missed.

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That sounds like good patient centred care ....not...

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Never heard of that before. I was advised to take on a Friday because of the side effects. Something does not seem right. Continue taking it on the day which suits you

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Wow and it’s a no from me. I’ve spoken to both my gp (wed) and my rheumy (tues) about MXT this week and nothing from them. Ridiculous to dictate this. I take mine on a Tuesday.

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