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Government letters returning back to work?

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Has anyone received their letter from the government regarding shielding been paused back to work Aug 1st... Not looking forward to going back to work we did have covid, cases in the unit were I worked, in April before I finished ....the masks don't help my breathing as I have emphysema and asthma didn't get any support for my manager during the pandemic after all were just a number on the rota.... I am going to speak to my Dr regarding going back just don't feel safe venturing out I live, in West Yorkshire and the virus is still high could be on lockdown again 😔

13 Replies
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Rely on your doc rather than what the gov says. My docs say stay home still. The gov letter also says... if safe to do so ... I’m still going to stay home safe.

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Hello Bubblyalex, thank you for your reply 😊 I don't feel I am ready to go back to my work environment,just worried if I may get pressurised fro m my manager, it's a busy unit and racing round for 10hrs plays havoc on my breathing and still the virus is present in all communities

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Completely understand. Your work place has to be able to ensure your and all your colleagues safety. Good luck talking to your doc.

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Hi your work has to make it safe for you can you have a word with them telling them you are sheilded and high risk and hopefully it is safe for you ,it is true about the letter and you cannot be furlonged after 1st of august im sure unless there is another lickdown im sure ,yiur doc can only give yiu a sick line and you would then go onto sick pay and that is only if doc waa to give you a sick line

Hi boo

That is a worry. It's clearly not safe for you to return so I would speak to your gp, rheumatologist and occi health and get everyone in the picture. Hopefully you will be ok and able to stay off work if not maybe also get in touch with your union. Good luck with it, let us know how you get on.

Big hugs

Kiki X

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Hi, yes I have received the ending of shielding letter. I'm lucky though, because I work in a school so won't need to go back until September. To be honest, I'm still worried about that. We still might get an extension to 1st August though. As others have said - it's only a recommendation, so definitely follow your gp and consultant's advise; they know you best. I had a letter from my work which stated that if I needed to extend my time staying at home, I would be moved onto sick pay. Maybe this is what might happen to you? Wishing you well x

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Furlough ends end of October and reduced payments in August.

This is a tricky one and if the workplace is Covid free, you could be on a sticky wicket by not going back. A doc may sign you off, but that would mean SSP which is around £100 a week.

I’d advise caution here. Particularly as businesses are facing financial pressures and you might just open yourself to being laid off.

Have a chat with them and see what they say.

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When I received that letter, my first thought was for those in your position. I stopped work last year for family and health reasons, but was self employed and worked largely on my own. Maybe you need to discuss with your employer also. If there is no way for you to work from home have they made any modifications to protect someonein your circumstances. Wishing you well x

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Like the others I would suggest you contact your GP and ask them to do a letter for your work.

Re the masks, have you thought about a face shield? They are not as good as a mask but will offer you protection. There are several up on eBay etc. This type may well do for you as the shield comes round to your ears.

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bubblyalex in reply to ldwilliams

You can get them off amazon too.

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ldwilliams in reply to bubblyalex

Cool, wasn't sure, thanks

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Statuory sick pay is, is being stopped from August 1st along with free weekly food parcels for shielding people in England. The government are doing so because they want to "encourage" as they put it, shielding people back to work! How jolly decent of them.............................not!

I'm not familiar with current employment laws, but if you don't feel safe returning to work with your health conditions, then perhaps your GP can give you a sick note so you can at least claim statutory sick pay princely sum that it is...better than nothing is the best you can say about it!

In Wales where I am, shielding is continuing until August 16th. It will be interesting to see what the Welsh government decide after that...................

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In N.Ireland we received our letters last week so I will be returning the first week of August also. It does say on the letter we aren't entitled to ssp or to be placed on furlough either. I work with the public and handle a lot of money so it is very daunting to have to return but we really can't stay away from work forever. I have ordered myself face shields and face masks for when I go back. All we can do is try to protect ourselves best we can. You can talk to your GP and see what advice they give you as they know your health issues and what would be best for you.

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