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It worked, thank you

After my tearfull blog on Tuesday, I thought I would give you an update. After all the fantastic advice and support I got on here, I plucked up courage and on Wednesday went to see HR. I asked if I needed to inform them in writing that I had RA and did they need to add it to my records. On Thursday my line manager said that I would be able to change my hours and go to three days a week, if I could just give her two weeks to change cover.

Call me cynical, but is that too much of a coincidence???

I would not have done anything at all without the advice I got on here.

Gentle hugs and painfree wishes to you all xxx

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Oh, I am so pleased that you were able to reduce your time at work, and that all our comments were able to help you to make that visit. I hope you continue to have improvement and pain free days.


Its amazing what can be achieved when more than one head gets together and it has given you the power to see about getting reduced hours. Good for you. Lets hope that it will make life easier for you. sylvi.xx


Fab news really glad you changing your hours, now relax and enjoy your weekend. xx


Brilliant, well done!


so glad i joined this site ... already seeing how it can help to talk

it is amazing like sylvi says ...when more heads are put together ... " fantastic"

great news ... well done ..


You will find working less will make an enormous difference.

the best of luck, gina.


Marvellous stuff, ye it looks like they now know so have to be seen to be "helping" a staff member with a long term chronic disease!! And thats just what u need, congratulations and well done Axx


the is the company doing what they should be doing people with disability the company has to MAKE resonable adjustments for them.

learned this along time ago when i did the union at a company now well im in the same boat but am retired


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