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First day of the new me.

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Today is my first day of reduced hours at work. I am very fortunate my employer has been very supportive. I have reduced my working hours from 35 to 28 giving me a day off. Breaks the week up for me. 😊 This will be reviewed in three months time and changes can be made either temporarily or permanently. My full time permanent contract is still standing but my terms and conditions have been amended.

Today I have also just had my first counselling/CBT/mindfulness session too which my employer is also providing. I think I have 8 sessions.

It took such a lot for me to be brave enough to ask for help and make the decision along with many tears. I love my job however I am working hard on accepting the new me after my diagnosis of RD with my long standing diagnosis of Lupus. Thank you to this lovely forum and support from you lovely people I am moving forward. Only Baby steps at the moment but moving forward rather than standing still.

#FeelingPositive. 😊

22 Replies
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This is great and hopefully will only get better. I had to reduce my working hours to 28 too at first just as a trial but it helped me so much that I kept same pattern and same amount for a year now.

I know how hard it is to accept that you will never be the same but we have to keep going and adapt.

Stay well! 🖤

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Summerrain14 in reply to Morigan

Oh this is so reassuring to hear. I am hoping that reducing my working hours to 28 will really help.

Got to wait and see how it will impact on me financially but again I am fortunate to be in receipt of PIP. It is that time of year where all the bills change too. Suppose it is best to do it all at once.

I’m working on the adapting bit but feel positive that I’m on that path now.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. 😊

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Morigan in reply to Summerrain14

Taking first step is always the hardest once you do that it only get easier :)

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That’s great, very positive; you are blessed to have such a good workplace boss! x

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Summerrain14 in reply to charisma

I am really fortunate to have a supportive employer. I count my blessings x

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charisma in reply to Summerrain14

There was no way I could work within two months of RA hitting me. But a friend who has SLE worked full time for many years, not long retired at age 75!

She had horrible times too eg bad flare during a pregnancy with twins and lost both.

Stay positive! X

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You’re doing brilliantly. Good luck with everything x

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Summerrain14 in reply to Eiram50

Thanks so much. Can’t deny I am still feeling very anxious about the changes but feeling positive that it will all be for the best long term. x

You sound more positive already 🤞hope this works for you

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Summerrain14 in reply to

Hoping so too. We have to try different things to see what works well for us don’t we.

Generally feeling more positive. Very pleased the change in hours could be implemented so quickly.

Hope you are ok?

in reply to Summerrain14

I’m doing good. No work and doing things nice and steady best I’ve been for a long time... silver lining 😁

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Good for you: being kind to yourself too 😉x

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Summerrain14 in reply to Kerensa21

Being kind to myself is something I am not so good at. I’ll keep trying though. x

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Kerensa21 in reply to Summerrain14

I know same here but it’s important: I did cbt course too when first dx, not a cure (if only 🙂) but definitely helped. Glad you’re having a good day x

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Congratulations and well done on standing up for yourself. Enjoy your day xx

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Summerrain14 in reply to allanah

I can’t believe how quickly my extra day off has gone. It has been a good one though.

Hope you are doing ok? xx

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allanah in reply to Summerrain14

Just put a comment on my gp trip today weird.....otherwise stayed in, done exercise videos and TRYING not to eat a whole tea bread!

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Summerrain14 in reply to allanah

Not come across your post about your GP trip as yet. I am home based for most things too and have to fight the urge not to eat everything. I am a target member with slimming world so take much will power to stay a target member 😂

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allanah in reply to Summerrain14

It will... being g at home is tempting x

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That all sounds really good Summerrain. Well done for being brave, hopefully it’ll make a huge difference to your work/life balance and your mental health. What a great employer you have too x

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Summerrain14 in reply to KittyJ

Thanks so much KittyJ. I am really positive that the changes can only help. I am very fortunate that I have such a good employer. x

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Really pleased for you Summerrain. All the best with it. x

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