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Has Had Anyone On Here Had A Endoscopy


Seen GP today he wants me to see a gastro consultant for a endoscopy,I know it's a bit off the road of what we talk about but I would like to know if anyone has had this procedure.


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Yes I had one a few years ago, it's fine. You will probably be offered either a local anaesthetic (a throat spray) or a general anaesthetic. I took the throat spray and glad I did, it was all over in a few minutes and I went for lunch afterwards. Similar for my partner. If you have the general anaesthetic you will need to stay in hospital for a bit until you are fully awake and may be a bit groggy afterwards. But a straight forward procedure either way.

Yes I had one done just before Christmas. Numbing spray and also had a 3 nodes removed all pain free

Hi Shambles10944. I've had three a few years ago now. The first two they made me have done at our local small hospital and it was dreadful. They were done by a GP with an interest (if you know what I mean). He so say sprayed my throat but it certainly didn't feel like it. The third one I had done at the big hospital and they gave me a sedative - before I knew it I was being wheeled back out - I really had very little recollection of what happened. That's what happens when you have a proper endoscopist doing the procedure as opposed to a GP with an interest! Good luck with yours.

Yes, I've had two. You can get a throat spray to numb the back of your throat to allow the scope to pass or you can be given light sedation, they don't use general anaesthetic as it would cause an airway issue. They generally use Midazolam as the sedation.

I've always had the sedation as I have a heart condition that meant the throat spray wasnt suitable.

The first scope was fine and I have no recollection of it. The second scooe, I had the sedation again and remembered and watched the whole thing on the TV monitor so I guess they gave me a smaller dose!

Either way, both experiences were fine. If you are nervous about the procedure just let the practitioner know and they will put you at ease.

You have to lay in your left side with a guard in your mouth to keep your mouth open. You might dribble a but but there is a nurse with suction taking away any secretions.

Good luck!

Yes, I had one a couple of years ago and it was fine too (had endoscopy and then colonoscopy straight after, so had sedation) and all pretty quick.

Yup. I've had two. One with a throat spray and one under sedation. I would go for sedation if another was needed because I knew nothing about it until it was over.

How long does this procedure last


The first time it took no more than 10 minutes- tops. The second time I don't know 'cos the sedation was some of the good stuff. I woke up back in the day ward.

Yeah I had one in the 1990s in a private hospital,no drugs to drug you,eventually I had very bad panic attack and pulled the scope out,I was so ashamed of myself I could not believe what I had done

You’re not alone Shambles, i did this too, I was fighting with the nurses 😮

I told the specialist who ordered mine that I was sure I would not be able to tolerate the tube going down my throat as even thinking about it made me feel panicky. He wanted me to try. I had the spray and sedation and still could not tolerate it going past the back of my tongue. I did lots of research and found an article in the BMJ headed "Trans-nasal gastroscopy: no gagging, no panic". I emailed a couple of the authors and one put me in touch with a retired specialist nurse who had worked with him. She said she was totally converted to the trans-nasal option as it is very upsetting for nurses dealing with terrified patients struggling against a tube going down their throat.

Another of the authors, who works in London, said if I could get referred to him, he would do it for me as an NHS patient. I passed this info to my GP and to my consultant and I was suddenly called in to see the latter, who told me he had discovered that a colleague in the very same hospital actually does the trans-nasal procedure. Neither I nor a very helpful secretary at the GP practice had been able to discover that!

I award 20 out of 10 to my consultant, who said very kindly, "I'd never heard of it, but you've done your research and you've educated me." A different person might have thought I'd overstepped the mark and been offended.

The upshot was that his colleague agreed to do it. They still wanted me to have sedation as I'd been so distressed the first time. It was then as others have described - a brief period when I knew nothing and when I came round the doctor was talking about doing more biopsies, which he did, no trouble. I felt fine, perfectly calm. It's a walk in the park by comparison with having a tube shoved down your throat. That said, I know some people tolerate that reasonably well, some with the sedative and some without.

Colonoscopy, even without sedation, is a doddle. Nothing to make you panic, just a bit uncomfortable at times. I've had two. The first time I watched the images on a screen. The second time I could not see the screen (boo!), but as a consolation prize I was provided with dark blue paper bloomers with strategically placed opening to "preserve my dignity".

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I have a very strong gag reflex so I wasn’t surprised but they thought I was exaggerating. I threw up everywhere too. It is embarrassing but I’m sure they’re used to it. All the people I know who’ve had it have had no problems at all I’m just weird.

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The first colonoscopy I had without sedation was a nightmare. We are all different!

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Sorry to hear that hh. I would guess that the the skill of the practitioners comes into it too.

Yes, I had one last year and have them every two years due to polyps and IBD. So far, I've had 10 and the only thing I didn't like was the goop you drink to clear out all the crap from your bowels. This tastes YUCK and takes two big doses over 6 hours. Apart from that having an anaesthetic is no problem. I've never had throat spray offered.

Isn’t the goop for the colonoscopy, not the endoscopy?

Oops sorry, yes colonoscopy. But I have had 3 endoscopies and been knocked out for those as well. I did get a bit of a sore throat but nothing to worry about.

I have had two, one with throat spray and one with sedation. The one with throat spray was atrocious and I was sore for days after and had flashbacks. The second one was with sedation and was fine, a very vague recollections of gagging a bit but no real issue. Slept for about an hour before they discharged me and was perfectly fine afterwards. I would never have one without sedation again! Best wishes

If you use the search facility for endoscopy, above, you will get a lot of information.

The vast majority of people have no problems with the throat spray, so don't worry. But the sedation option is there if you prefer it. ( not general anaesthetic as I said earlier...doh).

It is all very straight forward and over in minutes.

Hi yes I have had a couple of them and the other end, I had sedation each time as the thought of it was horrible I did not feel any thing as far as I could remember but you are awake it's the thought of it makes you nervous, hope it goes ok x

I've had two, one with throat spray, the other with sedation.

You can make your choice at the time, but if you go for sedation you'll need someone to pick you up afterwards.

You'll be fine, & it is related as mine was to help determine what the cause of my anaemia was, something we can get with RD. It's less bothersome than a colonoscopy I found. I had both examinations done, colonoscopy & then gastroscopy, one after the other. The gastroscopy (to check the oesophagus, stomach and first part of the small intestine, upper GI) was over very quickly, longer for the colonoscopy (the other end!). There's no prep for you to do beforehand for a gastroscopy, except I was asked not to eat or drink for 6 hours before, more prep for the colonoscopy which I did struggle with. I asked for the local anaesthetic spray for my throat & I was already sedated from the colonoscopy but with it enough to watch the screen. If they take biopsies you can't feel them! It was my first time for both, there was a nurse beside me who held my hand throughout, I didn’t ask for her to do it, I wasn’t concerned at all, she was just caring & chose to be there for me.

As I said I'm sure you'll be fine. I asked for experiences before I had mine which you might find helpful healthunlocked.com/nras/pos...

I’ve had a few of both endoscopy and colonoscopy. First time had the spray gagged wasn’t a nice experience. Since then asked to be sedated, last time had both procedures together was 2017 had 9 biopsies taken, diagnosed with Coeliac disease, also a problem with large intestine not absorbing fluids (IBD). Worse part for me was drinking the goop to clear the bowels that, I found ghastly, also having to be close to a loo. Recovery from procedures was quick.

Hope all goes well x

I have CT endoscopy it's much kinder for me but I believe they are over very quickly

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Sorry mine is a CT colonoscopy I have both yearly

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Can you have it done by CT Scan

Some prefer to carry out a CT scan using a ‘Contrast Dye’, apparently that procedure is quicker. I’m allergic to a few medications therefore they wouldn’t do that procedure, I would be at risk of having a Anaphylactic shock.

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Colonoscpy yes

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Pasco. Did you have endoscopy CT scan as well


I've had two done. First time I was so nervous about having it done, didn't know if I wanted to be sedated or not, decided when I was sitting on the trolley in the room where they do it to just have the throat spray. Once the scope had gone down it was okay, just felt a tickling inside me, a few biopsies take, felt really proud of myself afterwards.

Had to have another one done a few years later, wasn't too bothered about having it done, was okay the last time....how wrong can you be? That one was horrendous, afterwards I think I was in shock from the procedure. If ever I have to have another one done I'm definitely going to be sedated.

Hi, I had one done several years ago when I had private health insurance. The consultant went via my nose. I didn’t need any spray or sedation and it was painless. From what I remember it was inexpensive too (well I mean to the insurance company).

Yes,, I've has a few in my time. Unless you are fine with most things, I strongly advise to request a sedative. I find this helps a huge amount, ive got a thing about these, & advised friend to ask for one, they said they were glad they had a sedative. Good luck and insist if any questio xx

Yes with sedation it was fine they suggested sedation your not asleep though just go with it.

I had one last Wednesday the surgeon did 2 different types I had the throat spray as I have allergies , in all honestly the first was ok a little uncomfortable as you would expect but when he put the 2nd one down it was really uncomfortable but it didn’t take too long you do gag and retch a bit but that’s normal , the after pain I had was bad still painful today after 3 days but getting better, you will be fine 👍 good luck

Thanks Surf.it's the retch I cant cope with,the last one still remembers to me,i have had major operations but this is the worst for me


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