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Has anyone had shingles on their face ?

Hiya I had a really bad flare last week and the most horrendous headaches and pain in my eyes ....I thought that maybe my biologic Cimzia was not working but yesterday a rash appeared on the side of my face and after itching my head all night I went to to the Drs today and it's turned out I have shingles. I'm about to start an anti viral treatment and have rung the hosp and left message re Cimzia and Methx and whether I need to stop taking it ( I think I do) and whether its ok to go out etc (I know I can't swim with the rash) many questions Ive got headaches controlled with paracetomol but the worst pain was last week and now just the rash. Has anybody else had shingles on their face and had to have anti viral treatment ? Thanks Claire

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Hi claireyj,

Sorry to hear that you have shingles and are in so much pain. I hope you feel better soon. The information we have on shingles and Cimzia is that there may be a small increased risk of shingles in people taking Cimzia and that your GP or rheumatologist will be able to advise on whether Cimzia needs to be stopped temporarily. So you have done the right thing in contacting your rheumatology consultant. Hope they get back to you soon. I have put the link to our article on Cimzia below where it talks about shingles.

As far as going out, I have put a link to the NHS choices website for you to look at where it gives information about this

All the best


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Claire, so sorry to hear about your shingles. I hope you get some relief soon and that your RA is able to be kept under control.



Surprised that it itches. I've had it in my eye a few times & now whenever I get run down that pain feeling always comes back & I know then to take it easy or it will come out again properly.

Such a bummer for you to have to deal with this on top of everything else!

Make sure your zinc levels are up, this always helps me whenI get shingles, but check with your team first re your other meds.

Take it easy


Hope you feel better soon Claire. Take it easy and indulge in a bit of tv time x


Thanks everybody for your kind messages - yes feeling a bit sorry for myself but nevermind it will pass just taking it easy. My rhumi team called me back I can't have Cimzia or Methx this week whilst taking the anti viral meds and can't for 2 weeks after either - eek scarey I almost know what's coming - oh well onwards and upwards C x


I had shingles on my face and you have my sympathy it is very painful and I also had some damage to my eye- now recovered!

I was diagnosed by the local hospital A&E dept at a weekend and because the rash was so near the eye was sent to Birmingham to see an eye specialist- it was an awful journey as I was violently sick and had an awful migraine type headache. I'm afraid I took quite a long time to recover. All the best


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