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has anyone had a baker's cyst??

got admitted to a and e as my right leg was swollen, but it wasnt dvt or a clot (thank goodness!) as they thought, but a bakers cyst - its a build up of synovial fluid in my right calf muscle/back of my knee. considering i only got diagnosed and been on meds for 2 weeks - i fear that this arthritis is agressive? any thoughts, experiences, answers, please let me know.... am seeing gp tonight

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Hi emsyb1986. Yes I had one 4 years ago and ended up in emergency at San Diego hospital, USA. The cyst burst and left me with a very swollen leg which I have had trouble with ever since with swelling etc. I thought as well it might be DVT having just done a long haul flight to the States but had an ultra sound scan done at the hospital which showed the blood going freely up and down the leg (quite fascinating to watch on the screen as it is in different colours!) and a hole behind the knee where the cyst had been. In my case it was the left leg.

That was the first really serious sign I had RA developing and the hospital notes from San Diego confirmed that. I was then put, eventually, onto medication and blood tests confirmed a sky high ESR and CRP which was the clincher for RA.

Don't worry that it means the RA is extra aggressive - it is just one of the signs and symptoms. I have found the circulation booster machine very good for reducing swelling down in the foot, ankle and leg. When I mentioned it to my GP she said that as the leg had suffered trauma, I should expect to have problems with it from time to time., As I have always had very slim legs, that was not a lot of comfort!

LavendarLady x


hi my mum has suffered with these on and off for several years. she has had them drained a few times by the hospital. shes never recieved medication etc for it and has never been checked for RA or anything else. she was just told it was just one of those things that just happens in some people ?



I had a bakers cyst a couple of years ago. They drained it then injected steroids directly into the knee.........touch wood have had no problem since.

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I had one very early on, and was one of the things that led to diagnosis. The rheumy drained it straight away, no messing about just whipped out needle and got on with it, and then popped in steroids. Haven't had another, and RA has been responding ok'ish to drugs, so try not to worry. Polly


Hi, I was scanned for Baker cyst when I was in hospital and the doctors were trying to find out what was wrong, but I didn't have a cyst. They also tested me for Sjorgens Disease, but I didn't have 'Dry eyes' so I didn't have that either. As there is no tests for AOSD its done by symptoms ( My consultant specialises in AOSD) thats what he diagnosed me with. I have read the other comments, and wish you well. Take care (Ann) Parkie xx


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