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Has anyone any experience of this new drug?have had both Humira and Abataceptinthe past. Reacted badly to both( had severe bruising with abatac stand was recalled to Rheumatology after 2years

and offered baracitinib . Not sure whether risk it!

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I started Baricitinib around 8 weeks ago with mixed results, it's helping my joints and synotenovitis, of that I'm sure. But the fatigue, dizziness and low level nausea can be a problem. I'm meant to be on 4mgs a day, but reduced it to every 36 hrs due to the side effects. I am waiting for 2mg tablets to arrive, but they are taking ages.

I'm having good days and bad days.


Been on it almost 6 weeks alongside steroid tablets and it’s serving me well at the moment, I can now do normal things ( like wash my hair, clean teeth, put my own clothes on etc etc ) without all the pain and stiffness I had before. It’s not a wonder drug and it won’t cure the damage already done over 22yrs of RD or stop the fatigue, but it’s giving me a better quality of life without any side effects at all. Hope it does the same for you it you decide to try it 🤗X


I hadn’t had any treatment for my RA for six years due to immune system problems and a crap consultant. I’ve now got a new ‘fab’ rheumy who gave me the option of baricitinib which after a few weeks of trying to decide whether or not to risk it, I took the plunge. Started on 2mg dose and had no side effects to speak of. After a few days I was feeling much better, pain and stiffness was improving and so was the inflammation. Considering I have no immune system I haven’t had any infections and my dose has just been increased to 4mg I’m also taking low dose prednisone too just until I feel I no longer need them. I wish I had the option of this drug years ago it’s turning my life around. I’m able to walk much better and can manage to dress myself now. It’s been about six months in total but I would say give it a go the tablets don’t stay in your body for very long so if you had a bad reaction to it it would be short lived. I felt the difference to my joints after a few days which after so long without meds were in a terrible state. Usually medications take 3 months before you know they are working but although it’s been slow progress and I still can’t walk unaided at least I don’t want to scream out in pain every time I move. Try it it may be good for you too. You’ll never know unless you take the plunge. Good luck.


There are quite a few older comments from people on baricitinib. If you put it into the search box you should find them. And there is information on it on the NRAS website.


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