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Nerve pain

Hi I've got ldippathic polyneuropathy my doctor wants to put me on duloxetine I have nerve pain in my feet and hands has this drug helped any one or had any side effects

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So sorry you're dealing with this! I had neuropathy as a side effect from some DMARDS so I stopped them as soon as I could. Now I only get it when I'm in a particularly bad flare. Hope this duloxetine helps and you get some helpful responses.

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Talk to your doctor and have them send you to a pain clinic. I have had pulsed radiofrequency lesioning done on my knees to scramble the nerve signal to my brain. Pain is very reduced. They start with trigger point injections using ultrasound guided needles with saline or marcaine. This for me lasted a few hours each injection. The doctor mapped out where my knee nerves were and got me into the OR for the procedure. Took around 15min and results have been quite good.


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I've no experience of duloxetine, but I'm on pregabalin for neuropathic pain and it's brilliant. It's reduced my pain by 95%. If you don't get on with duloxetine, I would ask about pregabalin.


I have been on duloxetine for a few years.I was put on it for depression.I honestly think it has helped my pain.I had some side effect issues at first .They did resolve with time.

I am also taking gabapenten for nerve issues with my neck.

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You don’t say if you have other conditions or meds so it is really an individual thing. If it is for idiopathic polyneuropathy, I would hope that they would investigate before they try something that’s more long term like Cymbalta/duloxetine. It’s a good drug in the antidepressant category but like many in that classification has been found to work well on chronic neuropathic pain and is used frequently when people have damage in hands and feet caused by autoimmune, cancer treatments, diabetes, etc. It is usually started on a low dose and tapered up until therapeutic level is reached. Usually trialed for at least six months. You should ask you doctor what your particulars are so you can do a true evaluation of the risks and benefits for you. Ask questions until you are satisfied.

I have an as yet undiagnosed neurological condition that has caused extreme neuropathies as well as chronic pain. I am on both gabapentine and duloxetine, plus topiramate for migraines. So, sometimes drugs get repurposed. Gabapentine and topiramate are both anti epileptic drugs used for pain. None of these drugs should be stopped cold turkey or without notifying your doctor as they affect the brain 🧠 and detrimental long term damage can happen depending on dosage etc. (I am a firm believer in partnership between doctors and patients even if it takes awhile to find one that works).



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