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Medication for nerve pain

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Hi All

First time I have posted looking for advice I have RA and also suffer from nerve pain I was prescribed Amitripyline 10mg a day however struggled with the fog every morning I have now been prescribed Pregabalin 75mg a day after reading the leaflet I am concerned about taking this , I don't normally take any notice of the leaflets but the symptoms are a little worrying with this one. As anyone been subscribed Pregabalin would welcome any advice.

19 Replies
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When i started taking lyrica i increased the dose very gradually starting at 25mg twice a day, i now take 100mg twice a day. I have not found any side effects , but i have read posts where others could not tolerate it . It has helped me so personally I think it's worth trying but I suggest starting at a low dose . Best wishes 🌸🌸

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Thankyou excuse my ingnorance is lyrica short for Pregabalin?

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Lyrica is a patent name - pregabalin is the generic name:

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Many thanks.👍

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Back prior to my two Carpal Tunnel Release surgeries my doc gave me Gabapentin. It helped with nerve pain and numbness, but I had a lot of brain fog with it. Ultimately, I stopped it and switched over to Hydrocodone. It also caused weight gain. Good luck. Hope you are able to find something, or endure something with not too many side effect that gives you relief. Blessings and hugs to you. :)

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Many thanks

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I was prescribed pregabalin after reading the leaflet I was very concerned. I started taking it but developed palpitations. I then saw a programme on the serious drug problem in the U.K. with pregabalin and how it has severe withdrawal and addiction issues so I decided it wasn't worth the risk. My understanding is that one of the reasons it's become such a nightmare street drug is that it's cheap and more and more is being prescribed to patients as a cheap option.

I think it works for many people but it has very serious withdrawal issues even when done under supervision. It's a case of waying up the risks and benefits for you as an individual. Have you tried nortriptyline. It's supposed to cause less side effects. I found unlike the amiltryptiline it actually kept me awake!

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Many thanks.

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Pregabalin - I tried it for a month - did seem to help with pain but gave me horrible headaches and brain fog. Amitriptyline left me tired and completely unenthusiastic about life. Rheumatologist suggested nortriptyline but I've not yet succumbed! Don't let my experience put you off there are people who get on very well with these medications and see great benefits unfortunately they're not great for me.

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Many thanks.

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Hi , I take 300mg of lyrics a day, Wonderful.

Started on a small dose and worked up.

It has been a few years , no side effects.

Good luck

Anne brame

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Hiya 231952 & welcome. I'm prescribed both amitriptyline & pregabalin. Amitriptyline I'm prescribed as a muscle relaxant, I take twice a day, 25mg morning, 50mg night though I did find you have to carefully plan when you take your dose at night.... take it too early & I fell asleep in the chair, too late & I was groggy the following morning. I don't take my evening dose with the rest of my evening meds because it relaxes me to the point of stumbling off to bed at silly o'clock so I take it at 10pm intending to go to bed at midnight, this way I get a restful night's sleep & I'm not groggy when I wake. So really you need to play about with the timing, many give up on it if this isn't explained by their GP.

Pregabalin I'm prescribed for cervical spondylitis pain (OA in neck, pain) & peripheral neuropathy, I take twice a day, 125mg morning & night (250mg a day) plus an extra 25mg added when needed. Both meds were titrated over months, amitriptyline I started on 10mg & pregabalin 25mg. I had monthly med reviews with my GP for both. I did try going up to 150mg but I started to have a few problems my h & I didn't like so my GP & I agreed to go back to 125mg twice daily & just add the extra 25mg when needed.

I would say if you're not happy any new med discuss this with your prescriber. If you were to ask me as a someone who takes both I would say that maybe your pregabalin starting dose is a tad high, possibly starting on a lower dose would be better, particularly if you're concerned about side effects, you can increase it over time as symptoms determine. Pregabalin dose come with 'history' but taken as prescribed & initiated on low doses it's one of the better meds for neuropathy.

The difference both have made is most helpful, I'm happy to continue on them at the doses I take, although both can be increased/reduced as needs determine.

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Many thanks.

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Does it help at all?

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Hi I been on Pregrablin 200 grams a day for twelve months starting on 50grams then 75 grams and so on and I am fine on it ,I been on many medications and still take 30 tablets a day but I vote for Pregrablin , hope this is helpful

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Yes Thankyou still confused but at the moment the feedback seems positive.

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I have a pinched nerve in my lower back which causes sciatica and muscle cramping in my lower legs. I take 400 mg of gabapentin before bedtime and no more muscle cramping. It also helps with tendonitis. And a wonderful side benefit is it helps me to sleep better. The only problem with it was in the beginning, the doctor wanted me to work up to taking 600 mg 3x/day. When I got to 500 mg once at bedtime, it shut down my gut so I backed off and just continue taking 400 mg at night and that works wonders for me with no side effects.

On rare occasions when I get muscle pain in my thighs, I'll take 50 mg lyrica for a few days which helps to alleviate it. The doctor wanted me to work up to 200 mg of lyrica/day but it made me feel like I was drunk all day. I prefer gabapentin over lyrica. I hope my experiences help you.

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I have been on Gabapentin to excellent effect for several years and my excellent doctor is happy for me to be on it for the rest of my life.

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