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Check your biologic medication dates!!!

Hi All

I just received a call from my hospital, very nice guy. He politely asked how many boxes of medication did I receive, to which I replied six. There are 2 injections in each box, which I was suppose to take 1, every 2 weeks.

Just to add, I was suppose to be trialing so my rheumy was concerned as to why they sent me so many injection packs last week.

Now his second question he asked was, if I could check the sell by date as he had received the invoice. Well lo and behold, the diabolical Lloyds pharmacy delivery service sent medication that expires JUNE 2019!! I was so darn shocked and frustrated as was he. I honestly would never have checked the dates 😕

So not only were they trying it on knowing the supply would soon expire in a matter of weeks, but they sent lots of unwanted packs, and quickly sent in their invoice. Thank goodness this chap took the initiative to check.

My whole experience with this company has been damning all round, causing great pain and anxiety. I have raised 3 complaints and still awaiting a manager to call from my call to them some two weeks ago.

Sorry for the rant, just wanted to bring this to your attention, as I was naive in not checking dates here. Lloyd's pharmacy delivery are an absolute disgrace.

Have an awesome pain free week, for those of us going through it.

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I had a similar experience with them sending lots of medication. I started on Tocilizumab last year. Used the first box of 4 injections and when they sent my next delivery they sent two boxes so I had 8 which I thought was odd. I used two them then had an allergic reaction which meant I had to stop using it and so had 6 unused injections which I think were worth something in the region of £1400 which you can’t return and which can’t be used! I’ve recently started on Baricitinib which also comes in a box of 28 tablets (4 weeks supply). They sent me my first batch on 13 May and the second on 27 May so I have a large supply of a very expensive drug and no guarantee I’ll be able to use it! I haven’t checked the use by dates but I will now!


I have my medication delivered by Health at Home; their service has been consistent and good. They actually insist upon the recipient checking the dates as soon as the product is received.


My benepali is delivered by health at home, they have been very good. I get 4 pens at a time, all dated until next year (all well so far, with regular text messages regarding delivery, and a pharmacist rang me back within an hour to answer a query I had when I first started injecting)

Seemingly, if after my 16 week biologics assessment I'm approved to stay on benepali, I can request 8 at a time.


I have had this happen twice with my Kevzara from HealthNet Homecare. They send a large amount and the last one or two this time will be out of date by the time they are due. I rang and they just said ring back nearer the time.


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