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Severe groin pain & spasms. RA worsening in hips? Help, please!


Hello out there. Stumbled in accidentally while researching this crazy symptom. Have had issues with radiating pain, particularly right hip & leg when unable to use cruise control while driving. But this? Yikes! Could tell last hour of driving after long day of appointments that groin pain was staggering & meds weren't touching it. Was shocked when I realized muscles were having massive spasms in the crook of my hip. Muscle relaxer intried at that point did begin lowering degree of agony. So that FINALLY settles down last night only to pull a rerun today but on left side this time! I'm so exhausted with the least little thing causing such a high price in immobility or pain or both. Has anyone else had pain like this related to RA? Does it mean my hips are pretty much shot? Or is this just another of those lovely autoimmune gifts I have to learn to live with?

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It could be anything darling it is worth seeing your rheumy and ask them. I hope you get the answers you need.xxxx

My experience of pain like that is that it stems from my lower back, not the hip. And is nothing to do with my RA but related to damaged vertebrae. Especially if I sit in bad positions for too long. Car seats are dreadful as they roll your thighs toward each other which pulls on lower back too.

Do you do strengthening exercises for your lower back and stretches to keep your muscles flexible?

I have these problems too, Helixhelix, besides the RA. Have Gabapentin 600mgs x 3 times daily + Etoricoxib 90mgs (Naproxen not avail.) on repeat; I also have prescription Codeine. Physio prescribed set of pilates-type exercises x 3 times daily, which are helpful. I walk as much as possible, with short sits as necessary. Surgery is in the air as I experience bad pain in the legs, but we proceed with caution & may not go there. May I ask what helps you, please?

Similar to you, although I don't need gabapentin. But everything so much depends on what the problem is that's causing pain as it can be so different.

Thank you, Helixhelix. I didn't mean to pry. My own programme has changed anyway, as I am to try Pregabalin.

Best wishes.

Sounds more like something to do with referred pain from your back. But get a diagnosis rather than putting it down to Rheumatoid Disease and then treatment. But if it's associated with driving also look at your driving position - I find I get groin pain if the car seat angles slightly up towards the front.

It sounds as though you need to go to the Gp sooner rather than later . Could be lumbar disc . Better the go with caution . I also find hot water bottle is my lifeline at this time and heated car seats even in the summer . I also when working had a prompt to move every 20 mins as I'd stiffen up otherwise . Good luck hope you're feeling more soon 🌷


Sorry to hear that you are in pain. Suggestion for you. Make sure that you have nothing in your back pockets so that you sit straight in a car. If a passenger I cross your legs.

Start Paddison Programme Immediately

Ajay575 in reply to Janakkumar

Is there no issiues with this programme


I don’t have RA, but I have PsA & Fibromyalgia. My rheumatologist told me that my hips have it the worst, even though this isn’t where my worst pain is. I get EXACTLY what you are describing, ESPECIALLY when driving, and yes, mine does switch sides as well. I get shooting pain from the hips, as well as a throbbing pain from the bone. I get joint injections in my SI joints which helps a lot, but doesn’t prevent what you’re describing from happening. When I get the same symptoms pain meds don’t touch it either. I found a device I use that is really the only efficient one I’ve found in my 16 plus year search. It’s called Dr. Cohen’s Acuball & it’s an acupressure device that you can heat up, and yes, it holds the heat. It may hurt to use when you’re really hurting, but it offers relief thereafter. I’ll post a link below. I use this in conjunction with hot baths, menthol or prescription strength lidocaine patches, a heat pack, a TENS unit, pain meds and joint injections. Ask your doctor about the prescription lidocaine patches, TENS device & SI injections- I think they will help. I’ve had such a long pain journey and a lot of what I have tried doesn’t work, and I know nothing will ever give me 100% relief, but these things do help. I don’t think these symptoms mean your hips are shot, or at least I hope OURS aren’t, they are just part of our diagnosis. Please share your findings when you discuss this with your doctor or if you find a remedy for relief!

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