Pain Starting in Groin Area

I thought last December that I had torn a tendon or something - I turned and the pain in my left groin almost took me to the floor. Since I've had every test imaginable on my tendon - there is nothing wrong with it. This is for now my worst pain and it keeps me from enjoying any kind of walks - have to use a cain. Anyone experience soft tissue pain like this for RV?

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  • Ohh dear sounds so awful for you been in such a sensitve part of your body... have you tried a compass... just thought may help you while sitting.....

  • Yes I've experienced that pain in the groin area. Before I was diagnosed, I naively thought it was the begining of a bladder infection. I would eat cranberries, drink lots of water etc. I even put an antibiotic cream on the certain area "where the sun don't shine".

    The pain of RA is horrendours. It just sneaks up on you.

    One day you are feeling fine, the next day you have pain in your groin you think you must of strained yourself at work....

  • No last December - I made a quick turn and there it was and there it has remained. Maybe some of the meds the doc tries on me will help - Prednisone help much but still not enough to be really comfortable - I'm down to 10 mg and then to 5 mg predinsone but that is enough to give me 75 less pain - so I love it. LOL

  • If your groin pain persists, I recommend that you ask for a hip x-ray. When you've got a lot of aches and pains, it can be hard to notice at first when one particular pain gets much worse... In my case, osteoarthritis in my hip was overlooked until it was so severe I needed a hip replacement. Funnily enough, the acute pain started with a fall injury for me, too...

  • Hi - when you say you've had every test imaginable, does that include an xray? Saw that flow4 has suggested that, I agree becos I once had a sharp pain in what I thought was my hip, eventually a physio told me that any osteoarthritis in hip the pain is felt in groin, NOT on the hip itself. Mine was bursitis. I know we all get so used to pain when we have RA, but yours does sound different, the way it happened. If you've not been xrayed then that's what I'd ask for. Hope it improves soon. x

  • Hi, R A patients are prone to tendon problems. I was diagnosed in July and the Methotrexate has been very successful in stopping my joint pain in its tracks, and giving me a lot of energy back. However, I have had tendinitis in my right biceps tendon and bursitis of the hip. These can be helped by physio treatment or cortisone (steroid) injection. Unfortunately the shoulder tendon has now ruptured after the steroid injection which can happen. It's not that big a deal but I might need a surgical repair if I want to get back to playing a bit of golf. The hip problem is stopping me doing distance walking but I hope it will improve after treatment. Your problem sounds as if it could be bursitis so it's worth getting it checked out for that. Good luck and best wishes.

  • I had this years ago and it turned out to be my hip. Maybe ask for your hip to be checked. The pain was awful and very restrictive. I ended up having injections which helped for a while and mostly these really help, however for me both hips where replaced 😩. Hope all goes well and maybe worth a check x

  • Hi as others have said groin pain could be your hips have you had them xrayed if not i would ask.This was where i had the pain and now had 2 hips replaced hope you find a solution to this and not in 2 much pain X

  • I had hip replacement (went very, very well) in April. I first noticed discomfort in the groin area and was told that is typical.

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