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Waiting for Enbrel to kick in


Hi I have been on 13 weeks of enbrel after being on methotrexate for 3 years. Just couldn’t deal with side effects. My question is how long does Enbrel take to start working. I’m not feeling a lot of relief and energy level is still lousy. What would be my next biological step up drug. I had absolutely no side effects from the Enbrel and I am taking 50 mg per week. Thanks

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I think enbrel tends to start working pretty quick. It certainly did with me - I began to feel the benefit the day after I started taking it. I think you need to get in touch with your rheumy.

Ninaseven in reply to wishbone

Thank you. I think you are correct. I’m getting bloods done today so then I’ll make appointment. By looks of it it’s a process of elimination.

wishbone in reply to Ninaseven

I'm no longer on enbrel but when I started taking it a few years ago there were a number of posters on this forum saying how quickly it worked for them, so I was not the only one by any means. No harm in having a chat with your rheumy.

Good luck

I was in enbrel 6 months, not too much changed. Still pain , stiffness only goid result was fatigue is little bit easier. Change to humira now, don’t get too much effect after 2 weeks, let’s see

Ninaseven in reply to Anitasmith

Thank you. I’ve been really feeling really bad since last Oct. so it’s time for another change. The process of elimination goes on.

For me, it worked really quickly - a few days and I felt better than I had in months. I'm sorry it has not worked that way for you - maybe time to talk with rheumy, as wishbone suggests.

Ninaseven in reply to kristapb99

Thanks that seems to be the concenses. I’m getting bloods done today so I’ll call and make appointment.

wishbone in reply to kristapb99

Within a week or two I was in remission. :-) Unfortunately it only lasted a couple of months and I had to come off it due to a side effect. :-(

Believer814 in reply to wishbone

What kind of side effect?

wishbone in reply to Believer814

Recurring infections. One of which turned serious and was told to stop taking it after that.

It took 13 plus weeks for me to feel the benefits but I got there in the end.

Ninaseven in reply to MagsLough

Thanks hopefully it will kick in I like the fact I have absolutely no side effects only a little tired day after.

Enbrel never worked for me, after 3months with absolutely no change, it was stopped. I’ve not had much luck with biologics, just about to try number 5 ?

Poor you. Yes I think it’s time to change. Thx

It took three months to work for me, but then it did and it's been great. I was about to give up, but so glad I didn't now!

There maybe hope. I like it as no side effects only wight gain but I had that from Methotrexate to when waiting to go on Enbrel lost 6 lbs in two weeks. But have to take good with bad. Put a call into RA doctor yesterday so hopefully I’ll get some response.

I’m on my second go with Enbrel first time worked great now it does not work as good. I have cut down on my pain meds first time in a long time but fear my conn diction has gotten worse I’m. Only 51 and fear I will never wake up again pain free. Ask to try something else. 2 months is all i’d Good be Enbrel before looking at another biological or another medication

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