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Taking enbrel ffor first time

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I am a little nervous about taking my first dose of enbrel tomorrow and what side effects i may have.

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Hi - you will be just fine; try not to overthink as it can make you feel anxious more than ever! Know what it is there to do - get you feeling good and lead a wonderful quality of life 👍 - you got this - all the best 🌟 - Hessie

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The only side effect you should think about is the one where your RA is improved. 😁 I didn’t have any from Enbrel other than a stuffy nose in the morning and summer allergies. Think about the positives and try not to worry about the negative. If you have an injection site reaction take an antihistamine and put a cold compress on it. You will be fine! Good luck 😉

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I have been on Enbrel for 8 years. When I started I gradually developed severe site reactions using the pens but my RA improved dramatically. My biologics nurse switched me to the vials which I make up myself, to avoid the preservative which he thought would be causing the issue. I have had no issues since.

Enbrel is the best thing to happen to me health wise ever. It has given me a life back, and most of the time I am well. I hope it works for you.

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diperriam in reply to hellykay

I hope you don’t mind me asking if you have had the COVID vaccine. I am in New Zealand and I am due for mine next month.

Like you Enbrel has been amazing for me for the last two years. I also had to change from the pens due to reactions.

The vials are just fine.

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I think it’s taken as a given if your on Biologics in the uk to have the vaccine we are all due a booster in September. Although there is evidence it’s not as effective to those on immunosuppressants . Personally any protection helps.

I take enbrel (called benepali here in UK) and I find taking it no problem. The biggest issue I would say is the pen (think its different style outside UK) as there is no button and you have to push down which can be tricky with sore hands.

I totally understand your apprehension about taking it, I would say be vigilant about little infections as this is a known side effect but the actual side effects ive had none x

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Haven’t had any side affects in 2 years apart from the occasional sore leg where I’ve injected. Which is probably me not doing it properly 😱

Can take a while to notice the benefit so be patient and stick with it. Good luck!

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Enbrel was my first biologic.Now after experiencing my 4th I wish the nurse had kept me on it.I now know it was fast acting and got rid of nearly all my pain.on her last home visit she said I shouldn’t have any pain at all now.I still had bit of wrist pain so she said it hadn’t worked.She should of had my bloods checked.good luck with yours and think positive, you will be fine

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Yes it works well on the RA but be aware that it is suppressing your immune system = other nasties can take advantage.After 10 years I am now dealing with my 2nd cancer diagnosis.First one 4years ago Basal Cell Carcinoma, operated on and removed, this time Squamous Cell and full hysterectomy.It works but the choice is dreadful RA pain............ or cancer down the line.......sorry to tell you this but I wonder sometimes about the medics who do not tell you everything. Also broken bones from high doses of Prednisone = osteoporosis. Sorry to say all this but it is now happening for me after 10 + years of using

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allanah in reply to sebbydog

Sad for you but unusual . Get better soon

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MJSlide1958 in reply to sebbydog

Hi, Sorry to hear your experience! Did you take Methotrexate as well with Enbrel?

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sebbydog in reply to MJSlide1958

I was taken off Methotrexate after dreadful side effects

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MJSlide1958 in reply to sebbydog

Did Enbrel work on its own for you?

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sebbydog in reply to MJSlide1958

Yes very well for 10 + years

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MJSlide1958 in reply to sebbydog

That is brilliant, good luck.

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pammy64 in reply to sebbydog

Methatrexate side affects are horrible i too came off it

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sebbydog in reply to pammy64

Seems to me all the drugs have nasty side effects ......or at least I am prone to them! And it is all coming home to roost with me now.After 17 years of it all

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I can honestly say it was my miracle. When I was prescribed it, it was very early days and you had to mix liquid with a powder before injecting. I didn't think I could Inject my self, but 48 hours later I was feeling so much better, stiffness and pain gone, like magic. 18 years on I'm on Humira, fortnightly, and it's still a miracle. I'm so used to injecting I don't give it a 2nd thought and the way I feel make it absolutely worth it. I hope you have great results, it is scary at first, but you do get used to it. Fingers crossed for you, deep breaths

Michele x

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I had none! Drink plenty if water and try not to be over anxious. If you read side effects etc then look at a paracetamol side effect leaflet. Lol. These biologics are life savers and the side effects of RA are much worse!!

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Hi,I don't think I had any side effects at all just getting my life back. Don't you worry, good luck and take care.


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I’ve been on it for 14 years. Best thing that ever happened! It gave me my life back, takes the swelling and pain away. I knew the first day that I took it that it was going to help, I found I was wriggling my toes! Good luck!

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Enbrel (original product, not a biosimilar) worked within a couple of hours for me, in 2014, but after the 2nd I got a huge site skin reaction like a saucer size of raised red itching. I was told to use hydrocortisone cream but it’s made little difference and the reaction lasted 5 days and was painful. By week 5, I started to flare so badly it was obvious it wasn’t working anymore so the rheumy didn’t pursue the reaction and told me I should change med. Wish it had not done that as when I got up from the sofa two hours after the first injection I was walking as though I was pre-RA. So look at the positives that it can be a fast worker and yes be aware of any changes/side effects and repeat them to your nurse/rheumy. Hoping your version of Enbrel works great for you!

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It's wonderful..just a little itching on the site...

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I have been on Embrel for a year and the only side affect I had was freedom from ra pain. I would say to alternate your injection sites so they dont get sore. Take a deep breath, say a little prayer and inject. You will be so proud of yourself for doing it and ra pain going away

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I’ve even on Enbrel for over 10 years and as far as I can remember I didn’t have any side effects! It was like a miracle drug for me.

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MJSlide1958 in reply to helenlw7

Do you think that age makes a difference with Biologics?

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helenlw7 in reply to MJSlide1958

I'm not sure because I apart from online, I do t actually know anyone with RA, let alone on biologic. I think I was about 53 when I started on Enbrel.

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MJSlide1958 in reply to helenlw7

Good news that Enbrel works well for you, especially if taken on its own!

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helenlw7 in reply to MJSlide1958

I don’t take it on it’s own - I also 20mg mtx, 30mg amitriptyline, 4 dihydrocodeine, quinine, 15mg of prednisolone, aledronic acid, calcium tablet, and 6 folic acid tablets a week. Then there’s the pills to counteract the side effects of the RA meds - losartin, indapamine, and lansopasole, and not to mention the 4 inhalers, montelucast, losartin and azithromycin for the severe asthma!

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MJSlide1958 in reply to helenlw7

Quite a mix, if it helps then that is good.

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Was on Enbrel for 8 years. Changed my life for the better. Unfortunately had to come off due to heart failure. Would thoroughly recommend the jabs. You will get used to them. I found injecting the tummy was much more comfortable. Good luck. You won’t regret it

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Enbrel was my first biologic and it gave me back my life for 5 years. Keep a diary of any side effects or changes in the way you feel good or bad. I didn't have any bad only good. Embrace the chance of some relief. If it doesn't suit you you will know soon enough and there are always other options thankfully. Good luck.

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I think you're very lucky to be going onto enbrel, most people on here have been taken off enbrel because of cost, Pfizer make enbrel and when it became available it was on their patent, Pfizer lost patent protection in Europe 2016 that's when Samsung Bioepis introduced Benepali in my opinion lesser effective than Enbrel but it was cheaper, health authorities throughout the land started swapping patients from taking enbrel to benepali purely for financial reasons, but if you're stubborn like me you fight your corner I'm still on enbrel in conjunction with methotrexate, now in full remission for nearly 3 years, I have the scars RA leaves us with but I'm a born again golfer play 3 times a week each time it's a 6 mile walk, methotrexate you've got to learn how to manage it, there seems to be a misconception that it's responsible for every problem but that's not actually true, it does stop your immune system fighting off some problems that you would of incurred anyway, relatively minor problems like colds flu etc that you can't shake off I found a short holiday from methotrexate say miss a week usually allows my immune system to solve the problem, but always best to contact your consultant first, please give enbrel a good try and good luck.

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I'm now on my 4th advanced therapy (Biologics and JAK inhibitors) and have found them to be much 'cleaner' than any of the traditional DMARDs. Although I have had issues with viral infections with these therapies, I have not experienced anything like the side effects I had with sulphasalazine or methotrexate.

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