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Hallo all, I've not posted for a while but fist a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I have been very buzzy of late as at the start of summer ( yes remember when it was warm) I decided to volunteer at The Little Theatre here in Southport, In there lighting department and as a qualified lighting technician the theatre was very happy to see me. We are in Panto mode at the moment with Cinderella with 6 more shows out of 18. My RA has on the hole been holding out except a flare in my left angle which made it very hard an painful to walk on, it is still swelling a bit but not as much now (so glade) there has been a side effect of this volunteering to do this (It's a good one) my drinking has cut down by about half. YES so that's were I have been, keep well and keep warm bye bye.

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Hello man with! Lovely to hear your doing not too bad. Must be magical helping at panto although exhausting I fear. You have a great happy and healthy new year.

Hi allanah. Yes it is and I'd forgotten how much I love theatre there is nothing like it. you should go down to your local theatre and ask to go back stage if they will do this aome wont.

Sounds fun. I'm still volunteering for my festivals and also help support lgbtq kids so all go too. Feeling much better at the moment on my tcz !

Good news to hear Mwnn. I bet the theatre was pleased of the assistance too.xxx

Glad to hear that you were 'buzzy' as well as busy! Sounds an excellent idea to be helping out with something so enjoyable and worthwhile. Most of us find that helps with managing the dips on life's path that this illness causes.

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