Missing Loren's party

Well I think I've peed my pants after reading all those posts. What a whiz it must have been. I was sitting here chuckling at most of the posts and there were loads. Well went to see consultant and I don't feel any further forward as I have to have loads of different tests. First of all loads of blood tests that all have Vasculitis on them but he says I haven't got Vasculitis, so I'm trying to work that one out will just have to wait and see what the outcome of tests are. To finish off I will look forward to your next party Loren and I'll make sure I don't miss it even if I have to cancel apps. Have a good weekend everyone xx

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  • It's was amazing how everyone at the tea could forget, for a short time at least, all our cares and aches and pains and just PARTEEEEEE!

  • It's marvellous what a bit of make believe can do eh! And no harm to anyone xx

  • Make believe? It seemed real enough to me. Sorry I couldn't be there, but I have so enjoyed reading those 174 posts! Wondering if I can get myself a Po Onesie ...

  • Well thank goodness it's not vasculitis! I know it leaves some unanswered questions but well there's one ticked off the list ! Xx

  • The party was great, i don't know how Lovely Lorettas porch stood the strain.xxx

  • Don’t tell me I’ve missed the Party, here I am sitting in a rowboat with my barrel of GUINNESS and a serviette hiding my Modesty I was meant to be the Topless Toy Boy Waiter, Oh well back to Bathgate what way again ah well Row,Row,Row Hic,Hic,The Boat, Matt

  • LoL!! You were sorely missed yesterday, we did wonder whether the waxing held you up, but thought that would make you more areodynamic than anything:-) Think there are a few sore heads today...........

  • Well Matt very disappointed not to see waxed body on show will be worth waiting to see you at the next do xxxx

  • Yes you were missed Matt. I was the only bloke there with all those wimmin. (Miss spell deliberate :-). I'm worn out this morning!

  • Hmmm, and returning home wasn't all smooth sailing either. The steward on Concorde took one look at the onesie [complete with rather soggy tail] and said "I don't think so madam". So I had to return to the main building and find a 'Ladies' bathroom with a large disabled cubicle in order to change my clothes - I should have asked the girls in Wardrobe to put an excess baggage pouch in my jeans too. Scouser helped out by tottering along immediately in front of me to cover the gaping zip and excess cake damage - she's such a sweetie like that:-}

    Cece x

  • Hi Cece, You must have been well drunk if you caught the Concorde and you never saw my rowboat.. Matt

  • Here hoping to see you at the next party!!!!!!Truly hope all those test will shed some light on your problems then you will be able to sort them out . Best wishes xxx

  • Thank you all xx

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