RA/thyroid problem

just wondering if this sounds like rheumatology problem or maybe thyroid. Two weeks ago thumb had swollen to twice its size and very painful at joint, swelling went down after few days but thumb still very painful also get throbbing stabbing pain in ball of foot. Have now had painful wrists and couple of other fingers and now get stabbing pains in leg, GP has organised blood tests and prescribed anti inflammatories which I dont want to take until I get a proper diagnosis, does it sound like rheumatoid arthrits, thanks.

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  • Hi Cacs,

    cannot give you any medical advice or even begin to suggest what you have, best left to the professionals, however, a proper diagnosis as you say, could be a few months away especially if you are waiting for a referral to be made to a consultant.

    So best advice I can give is take your anti inflammatories that have been prescribed, you never know they may just make your life a little less painful and help your body reduce the swelling

    As for the thyroid, does that cause swelling and pain in your joints?

    Check out the NRAS website for other help and advice. Also there are many members here who will come along and give advice all based on our own experiences though

  • Hi Poppy thanks very much for getting back to me and for your advice which i will take on board, cheers.

  • Thanks for that most people who have got back to my post suggest i take tablets and I am going to start them, thanks for replying.

  • Did doctor tell you not to take with food or milk?

  • Hi Cacs

    As the other replies suggest you should take the tablets as the doctor as prescribed them.

    From my own personal experience I have an underactive thyroid and RA but haven't ever experienced those symptoms.

    I hope the blood tests results give you some answers.


  • thanks Jazie for advice much appreciated

  • Thyroid and different forms of arthritis are in my opinion are related. (I have PA and Under-Active Thyroid.) But do take the meds. Whatever the test results,you are still in pain.x

  • hi Beaton thanks for replying i am taking your advice and taking the meds most people on forum have suggested this cheers.

  • I have wondered if they are related.

    I joined both nras forum and the thyroid forum on Health unlocked.

    But I decided to come off the thyroid forum as some of the questions and answers were so similar I wasn't sure whether they were about RA or thyroid!


  • Hi jazie thanks for your reply.

  • I'm on both,always looking for answers.x

  • That's interesting I have Hisamoto thyroid what type do you have

  • Hi Terrpist

    I have had an interactive thyroid for eighteen years.I am thyroxine.

    I think it's under control.But the symptoms I used to get were similar to the ones I get from RA.

    Feeling nauseous and fatigued.

  • Hi Jazie, you can get both RA and Hypothyroidism, I was talking to Lady on Thyroid site whose husband has both. I'm suspecting my Hubby has both too (as I have Hypothyroidism) the symptoms are so the same.

  • Cacs, by all means take the anti-inflammarories as prescribed. True they may very well help. The real reason he gave them to you is, if you do get better on them, that tells the doc you oi have an inflammatory disease, because it has responded to the drug he perscribed. It's a test. :) Good luck, we're all hoping it gives the right results.

  • Have you been referred to a consultant? If not you must push for that as the gp has limited tests. I have under active thyroid and RA but all my bloods were normal, until i saw the consultant. I was lucky and had private insurance so was seen quite quickley and had the anti ccp test which confirmed RA. Make sure you push for correct tests the days if waiting and seeing are over a diagnosis should be made quickly. Sx

  • Thanks Luka Blood tests are not back yet so not referred to a Consultant, but i

    I will push for this if required.

  • Hi Cacs1,

    Please visit the NRAS website at nras.org.uk for more info on RA. We also have a freephone helpline if you want to give us a call about your symptoms and how RA is diagnosed. The number is 0800 298 7650 or you can email helpline@nras.org.uk

    Take care,


  • I don't believe it's thyroid

  • I have Hypothyroidism and when I was under medicated I had jumping around stabbing pains or hurting/aching pains all over, and on bottoms of my feet. Never knew where the next one would be or when it would come but each would be over and done with within a minute, some just a second or so. Also tiredness too.

    Hubby has RA and we think Hypothyroidism the same as me, it can go together, a Lady on here or the Thyroid site called Marz has a Husband with both.

    Ask to have your Thyroids checked.

    Only thing is Thyroid bloods can come back as Normal (many people with thyroid problems can't convert t4 to t3 (t=thyroid) this does not show up in the bloods, clever doctors, I'm told go by symptoms, not by the bloods, so if you can get tested either on NHS or Private ask when you get your blood results done for a print out of your results, then go to the Thyroid site on here and post them up for Thyroid uk members to tell you that you are definitely not normal ;)

    Before getting a bloods test check on Thyroid uk forum and ask members what bloods you need to get done, the more bloods you get checked the better the out come, but remember to get that 'print out' most important. :)

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