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So angry I feel well today

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I have suffered with RA and Dystonia for years, these last few months have been bad with lots of joint pain etc. today I have my PIP assessment and I feel well, typical, I am so angry at my body today, I wanted them to see how much I struggle. It's wrong that I am not happy about feeling good today but this is what the DWP have done, this happened last time and I lost everything. X

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As you say it's just typical you feel well. With a bit of luck your assessor will recognise that those with RD can have better days. If it's mentioned just say you're having a better day.

All the best for a positive outcome this time. Keep us updated.

Feel for you. It's so wrong to get assessed like this x

Update: the assessor was really nice, so different to the previous one. She let me explain and could see the problems I have, I feel so much calmer now that part is over, just hope she wasn't a wolf in sheep's clothing, said will be 4 - 6 weeks for decision so I will let you know. Thank you for your replies. Xx

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Did you get a positive outcome this time?

So glad x

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