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Humira or Enbrel?

Anyone have thoughts? Benefits of one over the other? My rheumy says I can change now after the welt and redness with Hunira. I’m interested in your thoughts :

a. Is one better than the other?

b. Did you have any allergic reactions? Injection site reactions?

c. Does Enbrel hurt to inject also?



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Took both , Enbrel for 7 years switched to Humira for 10 years now. Both worked great, Enbrel started losing effectiveness so we switched to Humira. Humira still working but got an infection last year had to go off Humira for a year when I restarted damage had occurred and Humira slow to work again . I use syringe instead of pen. Pen hurts . Good luck


Thank you for your answer, Ragurl.

The Dr. is leaving it up to me and I asked her to please just decide. Didn’t know syringe is pain free either. Since I was using it for mtx, I’m sure I could do it for this too. ❤️


When I was on Humira it was a syringe and have to say, that hurt as much as the pen which I have for Benepali (Enbrel). I’ve taken both Enbrel and now Benepali and got site reaction with Enbrel for the first few injections and then it settle. Occasionally get a small itchy site when I use Benepali but it soon goes. Humira stopped working for me and changed to Enbrel which worked really well but gradually lost effectiveness so started Methotrexate with Enbrel which seemed fine but hospital now switched me to Benepali which I don’t believe is as effective.



Thanks Clemmie!


Good morning. I was on Enbrel for 10 years, then out of the blue I developed Uveitis. Apparently Enbrel is the only one that doesn’t keep this eye complaint at bay, I also noticed that if I had to come off Enbrel for any reason ( infection) the effects wore off very quickly . I was switched to Humira - works just as well, been on it for 2 1/2 years, and had no problems.


Thank you Sarah. 🙏🏻

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I found Enbrel worked better than Humira (until it stopped), it was also less stingy. I never had any site reactions with either, but I did when I started tocilizumab but that went away after about a month. Enbrel you inject weekly whereas Humira was two weekly. I hope this helps 🙂


Oh, thanks Ruth. I didn’t know about the weekly vs biweekly. Definitely helpful. ❤️


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