Hello Everyone

My Humira has taken longer than I thought to arrive but it was delivered yesterday.My concerns are about infections as I hear you may get more and I have really bad reactions to antibiotics so much so I'm terrified of them. I have ended up very ill for a long time after taking them. So do you get more? Also, I will only be on Humira - is anyone else on just that as again I can't take MTV? I hope you can advise and thank you so much. In bed with sprints on writing this.

Night all

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  • Hi

    Sorry to hear that you're laid up in bed .

    I have been on various biologics over the past three years, the first being humira and if honest , I haven't felt I've had any more infections/ colds etc than normal and anything I've had, my body had been mostly able to deal with.

    I think the best I could offer is to take care of yourself- eat a healthy diet, do gentle exercise and rest when your body tells you too and this will support your health generally.

    Best of luck going forward.


  • Eieam50

    Sorry for hijacking your communication with Ladydingle... How did you find Humira? You mention you have tried several biologics, would you mind naming them and giving any indication of how they worked of not? Have you finally found one that is helping you? Hope you won't mind my asking...

  • Marie Thank you so much for your reply I really appreciate it.


  • Hi, sorry to hear you are poorly. I started on Humeria just a couple of months ago and to date have not had any infections. As I understand it, it seems ones immune system is very low whilst being on Humira and I suppose one must weigh up the benefits against the possible risk of infection. However I am responsding very well to the humira and am still on Methothrexic due to the severity of my R.A. My advise would be to stay clear of people with colds etc and try not to be in an inviorment where there is a lot of people. I do hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you so very much for your reply I so appreciate it. Have u had any side effects?

    Thank you


  • I am on Methotrexate and due to start Humeira, so am interested in these answers.

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