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First Appointment

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Had my first appointment yesterday at Mile End in London.

I d been apprehensive and the crowded waiting room looked daunting. Sods law, i felt not too bad yesterday probably the bottle of red wine I'd had the night before helped.

But it was all really efficient. I got called in by the Rheumatologist and I must have been with him for around 40 minutes in which time we had a good talk about my health and issues over the past year. He arranged blood tests and xrays ( chest, feet, knee, hands).

He gave me a steroid injection in the knee and hip. I m booked in for the first week of January to see him again and look at next steps.

I was a bit sore last night in my hip and knee but today for the first time since March I have no pain or discomfort in my knee which feels great. Hopefully i ll get a respite from discomfort and enjoy life for a while.

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Fantastic news! But more importantly what type of red wine??? 😂

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TheBoys in reply to allanah

Shiraz.. lol...i hadnt planned it.. but on top of the four pints blood test will be well dodgy!

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allanah in reply to TheBoys

Lol. My tests are on 5 January for RA and diabetes .....oops

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I'm in trouble

Lool... i ll be in trouble lol

It's very encouraging to hear of a good consultation with a caring rheumatologist.

Don't go mad now because your knee & hip are full of's great you are not in pain, but be careful the inflammation is still's just waiting to come back to bite you.

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TheBoys in reply to AgedCrone

Will do. I ll be happy just to sit here reading and watching TV. I want to make the most of this time.

Glad you had a good appointment, onwards and upwards. Jealous about the red wine , my body just won't tolerate any alcohol since I became unwell 🙄

I ll miss my alcohol when it comes to it. Its one of the few pleasures left. Ah well ....

Good old Bancroft Road! Whenever I had to go there for anything they were always excellent. Lovely hospital.

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TheBoys in reply to Wobblyone

Totally agree. I travelled from Hertfordshire to it. The whole team were good. I was offered an appt at Royal Free in Barnet but reviews of Mile End seemed positive plus a mates partner has RA from her teenage years and has had good treatment.

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