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I finally have an NHS appointment to see a rheumatology consultant on 3rd January, so not too long to wait. What will happen at this first appointment? Blood tests showed that my RF factor was 86 but other levels including inflammation were within normal range. Different parts of my body ache at different times. Yesterday it was my fingers and wrists, tonight its my toes and ankles. My knees play up from time to time and I have had hip problems for quite a few years, although MRI scans indicate I have osteoarthritis in my hips, and also hands. I am not too sure exactly what I am suffering from, so any ideas would be appreciated. I have been taking high dose turmeric, which has really helped the inflammation. Thank you so much!

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  • A bit dodgy going for the first time, he/she, may be nice to you but may not, they will make you run 100 times around the disabled loo with the door open imagine if the man from the house of plenty sat there watching you?????? And if that doesn't help you then im afraid its the two foot syringe and god help you, good luck, all you need to say is yo big doc, how is your belly for spots and if he says ok then you say hows ya bum for pimples, then you'll be ok, not cured but ok.


  • On my appointment they sent me for X-rays, examined my hands (others have talked of other parts being examined, so make sure your clothes are loose and able to take off and on). I would suggest that you take a friend with you to listen and take notes. Although you feel that you are prepared for a diagnosis, it may still hit hard.

    Write down your thoughts and questions that you have now, and take them with you.

    Good luck.


  • A load of questions, and. Physical exam, and more blood tests, and X-rays.

    Don't expect to be given anything for the pain right away , or a diagnosis. I was in agony and could hardly move. Doc wouldn't give me a steroid shot before all results were back. I cried like a baby.

    It takes an age before a diagnosis in my experience.

  • Keep a 'diary' of your 'pain' while you are waiting and then make bullet points to condense and summarise. Your consultant will have their own order of doing things and you need something quick to refer to for anything else you want to ask or add - it is so easy to go blank in a consultation. Try and take someone with you who knows how you are. Easy to dress clothing - if your trousers go above your knee you may get away without taking too much off and short sleeve shirt or t-shirt (clean/tidy underwear!!). There may be X-rays and bloods Farm

  • My rheumatologist is fantastic. He took the time to explain everything fully to me. I had a chest xray and more blood tests and he explained the treatment options. I opted for salazopyrin in the first instance and it worked well for me. I've just gone onto methotrexate now with a great result so far.

    In the interim he gave me injections in my sore knees while we were awaiting confirmation of my diagnosis.

    I was reeling with shock at the diagnosis but he couldn't have been kinder to me.

    I'm hoping and praying you have a good consultant too. His specialist nurses are lovely as well and after five years they know me quite well!

    Wishing you all the best.

    Ally x

  • Ld1954 when I first went to see my rhuemitologist I had to give a pee sample had bloods done and an injection in my behind. Which I was so grateful for , my rhuemy was a bit flakey but she got job done, you don't need to be worried they are there to help, the other 6 replies are correct jut keep a diary of everything you'll be ok good luck

  • Although it probably goes against sense as it works for you but consider stopping your turmeric at some time in the lead up to your appointment & any pain relief or NSAID a couple of days before. For the Rheumy to accurately examine, test, diagnose & recommend a treatment protocol & doses for you he/she needs to see you at your best worst!

    NRAS have produced a first appointment page which may help you prepare

    I was diagnosed with OA at my diagnostic appointment, I was 48 but I would think many around the age us was had some OA somewhere! Remember to wear nice, not over-revealing undies, matching if it's as important to you as it is to me! I hope you leave your appointment with a better idea of what's going on & we're here if you need any more help. :)

  • Thanks for your reply. I see your point about cutting out the turmeric before my appointment. I already have osteoarthritis in my hips and hands and the turmeric has really helped. I have been prescribed high dose cocodamol x 8 per day (4 x 2) but only take one at night otherwise I would need to get out of bed a minimum of a couple of times a night to go for a walk as my hips hurt so much. Thanks again...

  • Thank you everyone for your replies...much appreciated!

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