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Heprin injections


Has any one had a reaction from heprin injections. I have sticky blood syndrom on top of RA. I hope someone can help Di.

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It looks as if side effects from heparin as quite common. What effects are you getting? And is there any alternative treatment you can have? It's not likely that many people on this Rheumatoid Arthritis site will have a sticky blood syndrome, so you may not get many replies!

Why Herperin and not Riveroxaban or Apixaban or Clexane ? And have you a proper diagnosis and had clots ? You really need to talk to your Haemotologist as these meds are very specific so you need to discuss any side effects with a health professional. I wish you well and suggest you contact your consultant asap. I've had Riveroxaban and Clexane and for an operation Fragamin no problems at all.

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Many thanks for reply I will contact the department.

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