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Methotrexate injections

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Hi all,

I haven't posted on here before but actively read all posts. I am 25 and was diagnosed with RA last year. I am currently taking methotrexate tablets but my doctor has informed me that he will be putting me on the injections. I am a little worried about moving to this treatment. I would like to know what others feel about taking methotrexate in the injection form?

Also I have been informed that I have been referred to a pain management clinic. I am just wondering what I can expect from this?


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I don't know too much so I'll leave the advice to those who know lol but pain management can only help and I hear the injections are better than the pills lol, so let's hope things go well for you.


Hiya Jaymaga. Welcome posting at least! I've had RD 6 years & MTX is my second DMARD. I've been taking it for just coming up to 5 years & changed to injections 3 years ago, basically hoping for relief from side effects & got my wish! I wouldn't choose to go back to tablets & injecting is fine. My Rheumy nurse demonstrated & then watched whilst I did it myself & got it straight away. I hope you take to it as easily - sometimes it's the fear of injecting meds more than anything some have to get used to.

My GP controls my pain relief so I've not attended a pain clinic, except to accompany my h, but there are other members on here who have so no doubt someone will reply soon with their experiences.

Hope this helps!

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Hi and welcome. Switching from pills to Metoject was certainly progress for me. I was told theat injections were significantly more effective than pills too because a lot gets lost in the digestive tract so you can take it at a lower dose too if side effects at higher doses are an issue. Unfortunately I've had to come off it for other reasons but I much preferred the injections and they did help a lot. Twitchy

hi guys, do you still experience the nausea when taking the injection? I cant stomach the tablets anymore :-(

I don't. I did when taking the tablets but my only reactions now are being a little off my food & tired the day after injecting. Increasing the dose of folic acid to 5mg a day except the day I inject helped even further.

MTX by injection worked for me whereas in tablet form it made no difference to my symptoms. I had only the suggestion of nausea which passed as soon as I had registered it but that was at a high dose. Fingers crossed for you.

I went straight to the injections, to avoid all the gastro side effects. Yes you can still have them with the injection, but the chances and severity are less for the most part. They also say the medication is more effective through injection, so you don't have to take as much. I have had little to no problems with the injection. I know it is scary at first, but it is a very fine needle and really doesn't hurt at all.

Thanks very much for all your replies. I feel a lot more at ease now.

hi guys thanks for the replies. do you inject youself once a week? and where do you inject yourself? also any of you taking plasmoquine?

Yes, I inject once weekly & do it my tum, alternate sides. I've not had Plasmoquine (chloroquine sulphate) but have had Dolquine (hydroxychloroquine), similar med & both are of the quinine drug group but HCQ is generally prescribed in preference to Plasmoquine nowadays being less problematic in regard to the eyes. I didn't think it was being used any more for RD as HCQ is thought to be the less toxic of the two.

The dose is weekly (always, as far as I know), you can inject in 4 areas alternating the site each time. Top of the legs (fatty part of thigh) and in the stomach - avoiding your belly button. I find the injection is easier in the stomach - I have more fat there than on my thighs! But you will be shown how to do the injections by a nurse, you can go to have the injections supervised until you are confident to go it alone so don't worry! Best wishes x

thanks guys will speak to my rheumatologist

hi Jaymaga. I was diagnosed last year, started Methotrexate tablets in September 2016 but swapped to injections in May this year and have not had any problems, I was nervous at first but honestly, it's easy as it's a "pen". Deb x

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