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I've been taking etanercept (enbrel/benepali/enbrel) for about 15 years as well as mtx. Since the change to benepali last year I've struggled to get back in control of my RA despite going back on enbrel in March. I've only managed through a raft of steroid injections. I don't think the Enbrel is as effective as it once was but I'm a bit worried about asking for a change of biologic because they're unknown to me and the period of change over is a bit scary whilst waiting to see if a new drug will work for me.

I've got an appt with my new rheumy in early Jan so need to make a decision before then.

Any advice would be welcome.

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Have a look at the treatment pages on the NRAS site. You will be better informed when you come to having that discussion - but it has to be you weighing up what it best for you.

If it is not working, you don’t have anything to lose by changing. My dr recommenda whether to continue or stop a treatment based on my inflammation levels. Maybe that could be a deciding factor for you too? I was just switched from enbrel to Humira and am waiting to see if there will be a difference.

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