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Update and has anyone tried Collagen for pain ?


Hoping this message finds everyone coping as well as possible. I wanted to share with you my journey to date since my MRI yesterday. I was thrilled to have this having waited over a year. I should get the results in 10 days time, here’s hoping it's not too bleak, I remain hopeful. They are talking possible surgery.

Saw my RA consultant’s assistant today. And as I thought my blood work has elevated 😬oops! ESR 55 (last month 26), CRP 23 (last month 13). She has said I must take the 2 tablets of Xeljanz not just 1 per day but 2. I have assured her I shall start today. I just find when I take it I seem to be in more pain! So I just think whats’s the point. I don't understand what has made my markers so high as doing everything the same.

To add she said I must take iron tablets too! As well as continue with my turmeric which I drink everyday.

I still experience painful symptoms all - feet arghhh and puffy sore swollen fingers in the morning. Still good days and not so good. I must remain grateful.

Now, this leads me onto Collagen 2. Heard it is suppose to be good for RA and pain, especially the chicken / turkey variety for cartilage! Not great as I only eat fish. I would love to hear your views.... Let me know if anyone has given this a go!

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I take Great Lakes gelatin powder daily mixed in all warm drinks or food. Really is a good thing for joints, but only part of joint support.

Hessie5 in reply to Simba1992

Thanks Simba - shall look into that one. All the best.

There is a good summary of the evidence for taking collagen supplements here: netdoctor.co.uk/beauty/skin...

Sounds to me as if eating plenty of foods containing amino acids might be cheaper as you have to make your own collagen anyway.

Hessie5 in reply to oldtimer

Thank you old timer - shall add to my weekend reading.

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