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Having had little success with methotrexate, followed by SSZ and HCQ, my lovely rheumatologist has suggested I start on Adalimumab (Humira), at the end of November, bloods and chest x ray permitting. Do any of you helpful lot take it on it's own, as my consultant indicated that, due to my poor results with the above DMARDS, it would be ok to take it as a single therapy......

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Hi Miss Otis, I take Humira with Mxt as the rheumatologists seem to think it supports the biologic. A lower dose than before though. There are folk on here who take Humira on its own I think. Usually they’ve had unacceptable side effects from the Mxt.

Hi Miss-Otis

I was on Humira for about 6 years. At first was great really had a positive effect but after about 3 years the effects were wearing thin and I was devised to add methotrexate along side the Humira. This did help but again after a few more years it was no good and I had to start another treatment Rituxamab. I hope this works for you in the interim as it did me. I didn’t have any side effects taking it alone or with methotrexate.

Hope this is of help to you. Good luck 🙂🙂

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Thank you. That's really good to know.

Yes I take it without MTX and have done for six years now. It works well for me. I take paracetamol sometimes, and very occasionally Naproxen but limit the Naproxen as much as I can.

I hope that the Humira works as well for you as it has done for me.

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Thank you. I'm actually looking forward to getting started on it!!

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