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I did it


Well I did my back to work after 6 months off sick did phased back just half days last day today tired came home and slept for 2 hours I took it slowly as I work in a warehouse work has been very helpful some company’s are not just hope I am ok to do it all again next week I think we live from day to day at the moment but it’s a start good luck to anyone else who is going back to work xx

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Well done darling.xxx

Goodluck I wish you well x

Good news. Well done. Take care.

Good luck and rest up now xxx

Well done....hope it gets more manageable

Ahh that's fantastic well done

Well done, hope all goes well next week too.

Good for you, Elswick. Wishing you well



That's great! Don't overdo it. Was it good to see your colleagues again?

Elswick in reply to Hidden

It was good catch up and keep busy but I was tired Thursday off to mini farm today with grand daughter pic nic etc so hopefully things are looking up thanks for your reply tc x

Well done, it will have been hard for you, its surprising how tired you will feel. You should feel proud of yourself. X

I was tired lot of walking but yes I was proud I hope this is a start of things getting better hope your ok tc x

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