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Your thoughts?


Hey guys so I was wondering if you could give me some insight/opinions/ advice. I have been thinking of starting a blog to like tell my story and reach out to others that live the same way I do (minus the camper living) and basically create a community where everyone with all different kinds of chronic illnesses can feel safe and have support. What are your thoughts on this idea?

Update. I created the blog! And I made my first post. I don’t know if you all want to see it but here’s the link anyways 😂


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Sounds like a good idea, why not include the camper living!

Well i would but I meant that most people that would possibly follow the blog wouldn’t love in a camper lol.


Absolutely. Go for it. 👍


I think its a great idea. Not everyone fits into a neat category illness wise, so all would be welcome. There is a lot of support for some diseases, little or none for others.

I just read your welcome page and it sounds great. My husband has a blog on Wordpress called My Mental Life if you want to check it out. 🙂

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Well done you, go for it! Good luck. X

And go for the campa van bit too!


Good for you! I'd include the camper living if you want... Why not!

I used to blog years ago, but kind of pooped out. It's good fun.

I think it’s great. Sharing your experience is a good thing for you, and you never know how many others who can identity with you, and also support you. ❤️

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