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Hello all!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not being in contact recently, Ive been a very busy bee.

As part of my 2nd year assessments for uni Ive have had to set up my own blog and I wondered if you would have a look and tell me what you think of the idea? There isnt much there at the moment except a bit of a write up to explain what my idea is. Please let me know your thoughts though! Here is the link...

Hope youre all well!

Em :)x

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Little em, you are becoming real grown up. I will look at your blog. Take care. love


Look forward to reading!

Although I have suffered with RA for the last 4 years or so and have gone through some difficult times I seem to have found a medicine that actually works for me (Humeria) and am now pain free most of the time. Hope you manage to find something that makes life easier.



It looks good em. love sylvi.xx


looking forward to reading on now that you have set out your stall - have you thought about adding a counter /ticker/streaming where people are visiting from?(like sitemeter?)


I can see where people are viewing my page and how many people have viewed it each day :) Apparently someone read it in Turkey yesterday!


Looks good, looking forward to the tips... Linda


Hi Em,

Looking good to me, look forward to seeing more as you go.

Mary x


Love the look of your blog. Very "Arty". Look forward to your choice of links.

Good luck!


I'm impressed - mainly cos I've been building a blog for an art course I'm doing and we have to do a learning log. How do you get the background? I've just learned to upload and size photos which is important cos it's an art blog.

Great stuff!


I just went on themes and chose a theme from there. Theres loads to choose from but some of them cost so I just chose a free one. Theres loads of great ones which would suit your art course :)


Little em, the blog is really good. Interesting about the dog helping you through your needle phobia. Hope that you are doing ok. Take care.

Wendy xx


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